Easy Scholarships for High School Students

Get 'em While They're Hot!

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The vast majority of students wait until the last minute to look into options that offer free money for their college educations. The possibility of coming out of school with a college degree, and having the least amount of money owed is a reality. This feat can be accomplished by use of scholarships

Students who wish to obtain free money for college find themselves applying to a plethora of scholarships. Many of the scholarships for students can be lengthy, and require time consuming essays or projects to be completed by deadline. However, there are a few out there that can be easy scholarships for high school students. Here are three that are particularly simple:

Prom For All Scholarship

When it comes to Prom students tend to do themselves up to the nines. Unfortunately, there are several students that are priced out of beautiful dresses that can make them feel like princesses. The DoSomething.org has a new campaign of giving, Prom for All, gorgeous Prom worthy dresses (hanging unused in closets everywhere)to girls that need them. Upon donation of a dress, and referral of five friends to join in, the student will be entered into this scholarship. Winners will be awarded $2,000 that can be applied to all fields of study.

Heart Health Scholarship

Something as simple as a blood pressure test can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. A national campaign has been launched to get a multitude of men to test their blood pressure. Thus taking their first steps towards a healthier heart. To be entered into the scholarship a student must go to www.iheartdad.org, and give five friends information on how to get their dads blood pressure tested. A handsome amount of $4,000 awaits the winner of this scholarship. As a side note a student can double their chances of winning by sending in a picture of their dad getting his blood pressure reading. The only stipulations is that you have to be between the ages of 13 and 25 and be a U.S. or Canadian citizen.

Potential Magazine’s “Countdown to College” Scholarship

This last example of easy scholarships for high school students has an ample reward of $1000. Entry into the scholarship only requires a student to sign up for Potential Magazine’s free weekly eNewsletter. An added bonus to this one is that the eNewsletter contains practical information on ACT/SAT as well as college preparation. They also provide even more scholarship opportunities for the college bound student. There are no specific test scores, GPA, or class ranking requirements needed. The only condition to this scholarship is that it is only open to high school student’s grades 9th through 12th.


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