Easy Scholarships with Monthly Deadlines

You Have a Chance to Win Each Month!

Applying to scholarships with monthly deadlines will increase your chances of winning something for school. If you’ve spent a lot of time applying to traditional scholarships. For most college students, finding money for college is a difficult task. Many scholarships are incredibly exclusive, asking for financial details and difficult essays that take hours. Fortunately, several scholarships are awarded on a monthly basis. Best of all, these easy scholarships require you to do very little to be entered into the running. Simply fill out a short form or share an interesting tidbit and you have the chance to win some money for tuition each month. Check out some of these great finds:

EDvestinU National Monthly Scholarship Giveaway

Each month, the New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation, a non-profit organization, sponsors this giveaway. Recent high school graduates and current college students (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible to enter the drawing. All you have to do is fill out the simple form with your contact information and the name of your college. Entrants are not required to submit an essay or proof of GPA. One lucky student will win $1,000 every month.


This is a website that prides itself in its ability to provide a simple and fun giveaway for undergraduate and graduate students. Sussle is simple in that it does not have an essay requirement; however, it does ask that the applicant contribute interesting content, like a breathtaking image or a hilarious video, to be eligible. Additional content may include useful tips, delicious recipes, rare facts and insightful comments. Each month, one student wins $500 and the runner-up receives $50. The deadline is typically the last day of the month, and a panel chooses the winner.

Tuition.io “Down with Debt” Scholarship

All undergraduate and graduate college students who have taken out loans are invited to enter this random drawing for college cash. All legal residents of the United States and international students with visas are eligible. The winners are notified each month by email, and the contest runs from the 15th to the 14th. Students must simply create a free account or submit a mail-in entry. The drawing is completely random and one student will walk away with $500 to pay for school.

There is a reason easy scholarships have such a high demand. Students simply do not have the time to write essay after essay when they are trying to attend classes and complete work toward a degree. Fortunately, these simple giveaways are available each month and offer a bit of respite from the difficult scholarships out there.


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