Easy Survey Scholarships

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Easy Survey Scholarships

Many students love the freedom and new experiences college has to offer, but dread the costs. And many companies desire to know how to better market to this demographic but need an incentive to get them to reveal what their likes and dislikes are. Enter the survey scholarship. Market research is very important to businesses and students need cash for school. They entice by offering easy scholarships that award decent amounts of funding for school, but they ask you to reveal what it’ll take to get you to buy that Aeropostale hoodie. By applying to several easy survey scholarships that reward modest sums of money, you may be able to pay for your entire college education without spending a dime out of your own pocket. Below are three different types of survey scholarships. These scholarships are all free to use and easy to enter and they only take a few minutes of your time. Good luck!

$1,000 Swaggership

This survey scholarship takes just a few minutes and it is actually fun to do. It only requires that you visit the website and fill out the form on the web page including a list of 12 different places that you would like to have discounts at, including things like entertainment, food and shopping. If you are a high school student or a college student, including a graduate student or non traditional adult student and you are a legal resident of the United States you are eligible to apply for the scholarship. If you are interested you must apply no later than August 31, 2014. The scholarship amount is $1,000.

$1,000 College Survey Scholarship

This is another interesting scholarship that you may really enjoy. Whether you love the school you go to or you hate it you can make sure that your voice is heard as long as the school that you attend is listed on the list of schools provided by the website. If it is, you have the opportunity to dish on all of your favorite likes and dislikes about it. This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students or even to those who have graduated in the past four years. All that is required is that you fill out the information on the form. No one at the school will ever be aware of your comments so you can be completely open. In addition, this $1,000 scholarship allows you to complete up to three entries each month in hopes of winning. It is important to note that one entry to the scholarship requires five complete survey submissions each month so you have to be sure to complete the minimum number of survey submissions in order to be considered for the scholarship.

ScholarshipPoints’ $10,000 Scholarship

This scholarship operates slightly different. You simply fill out the form that is on the web page and join as a member. It costs you nothing to join and once you have created an account you are then able to complete activities in order to earn points. You then use your points to enter various drawings for scholarship funds. Many students have won up to $10,000 by using this website so it is definitely something that should be considered. If you are a student and you are a legal resident of the United States then you can create an account.


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