Environmental Scholarships

If you’re concerned with issues like climate change, environmental degradation, pollution and the welfare of wildlife in the face of human expansion, then applying to green scholarships might help finance your quest for a career in environmental professions. Even if you’re just minoring in green related studies, voicing your opinions on destructive human activity and offering solutions to major environmental issues could potentially inspire organizations and companies to partially fund your education. The scholarships listed below deal with environmental health, environmental preservation and general public awareness of green issues.

Morris K. Udall Scholarship

This Environmental Scholarship comes from a person who served in the Arizona House of Representatives in the 1960s. Morris K. Udall was known to be a witty man dedicated to issues like campaign finance reform, Native American issues and environmental policy. The Udall Scholarship awards students committed to careers that preserve and advocate for the environment as well as for Native Americans and Alaska Natives interested in tribal public policy or tribal health care. It’ll award 80 students with $5,000 in college funding and present 50 honorable mention awards worth $350 to college students in their second or third year.

Castle Ink’s Green Scholarship

Castle Ink, a re-manufacturer of eco-friendly ink cartridges to popular brands like Apple, Sharp and Kodak, awards students who post something concerning the environment on a website, their facebook page, a twitter account or any other social networking site they can hope to receive the most click-thru’s from their page to the Castle Ink homepage. The person who drives the most traffic to the Castle Ink website will win. They also have an annual Castle Ink Paperless Scholarship which awards $1,000 and functions much in the same way. Just write about the benefits of recycling, fill out an application and post a link to the Castle Ink website driving the most traffic.

NEHA Environmental Scholarship

The National Environmental Health Association in partnership with he American Academy of Sanitarians sponsors a $1,000 Environmental Scholarship to undergraduates studying curriculum aimed at green issues and are enrolled in an institution apart of the Environmental Health Accreditation Council or is a NEHA member school. They also award graduates or career professionals who are involved in environmental health studies and/or public health issues. The National Environmental Health Association is dedicated to environmental health professionals, the credentialing and maintaining of standards and serving as an overall knowledge base of topics concerning environmental health. Just visit their website for more information on various programs and scholarship opportunities.


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