Equestrian Colleges and Scholarships

If you love horses and are looking for academic programs, scholarships and colleges dedicated to equine studies, check out a few listed in this article. Information on the Race for Education, the University of Louisville and the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association are all contained in this article. Let your love for these animals help fund your college education, give you a profitable career while also giving you the ride of your life!

Whether you love riding horses as a past-time and need money for college or you want to make working around these stunning creatures a profitable career, there are scholarships and academic programs available that can meet your needs. The trick is finding the right colleges that speak to your desires. For instance, equestrian riding is an up-and-coming sport in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), but only twenty-three colleges recognize this as a varsity sport. If you’re an experienced rider, you probably want to know which colleges you can continue riding with at the varsity level. If that’s you, just visit the official Varsity Equestrian site to find an easy to view list of all the universities that offer this option.

How to Join a Varsity Equestrian Team

When deciding to join an equestrian team at your college, the coaches will require you answer questionnaires covering personal, academic and equestrian information as well as filling out a resume with your riding history. You’ll also have to submit a video that displays your equitation – proper attire, appropriate use of riding aids, correct posture, and an overall appearance of horse, rider and equipment. And of course registering to the Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse is required for any college sport so they can review your academic performance. But why just stop at riding? Why not make your love of these regal animals a career? Or at least help you to fund college. Below are a few options for those with these goals.

Equestrian Scholarships

The Race for Education organization offers many scholarships to those active in equine related activities. Whether your in college and your goal is to become a veterinarian for horses or you come from a family of farmhand and backstretch employees, they offer scholarship awards of up to six grand if you meet certain requirements. Many of their scholarships are need-base, require an essay of at least 500 words and two letters of recommendation. If you’re an avid equine rider and can use some funds for college, visiting The Race for Education is a good place to look for college funding.

The Equestrian College for Business Owners

For students interested in entering into the equine industry, the College of Business Equine Industry Program in Louisville is a highly sought-after school scholars from across the nation gather to receive that rare achievement. Here you learn about the business of making money with horses while taking plenty of field trips to racetracks, farms and ranches all located nearby the University. You’re past-time maybe riding these majestic creatures, but in order for you to make a living, it’s important to learn about the business potential horses have. You’ll take courses dealing with marketing, management and finances in the equine industry. You’ll also have opportunities of internships giving you hands-on experience with the business aspects of working around horses.

The Intercollegiate Horse Show Association

This is an organization that hosts nationwide competitions for riders in various equine disciplines (Western Horsemanship, Equitation, Reining and Hunter Seat), with 29 regions, 9 zones and 300 member colleges. They offer two equestrian scholarships: the Intercollegiate Equestrian Foundation (IEF) Scholarship and the Jon Conyers Scholarship. If interested in applying simply visit their website and read about requirements and eligibility. This organization benefits students that can’t afford horses or equipment but are passionate about riding. They accept students of all skill levels making this a welcoming environment to anyone who loves horses.


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