Fall Internships

Discover the benefits of a Fall Internship and resources that can help you find a program near you! Internships are hugely beneficial to those not sure about a major since they offer on-the-job experience. A classroom can only go so far, but finding an Internship program will help dissolve any doubts you have about your major and assist you in finding assurance.

There are plenty of benefits to applying to fall internship programs as opposed to summer. They’re less competitive giving your more of a chance to be accepted. And once accepted, you’ll be given more responsibility which, of course, gains you more experience (less time getting coffee and more time doing real work). Also, you’ll increase the chances of one-on-one time with experienced professionals in your field (as there’ll be less interns running around). And if you were unsure about your major, interning in the fall will give you a better chance of knowing whether or not the work was for you in the first place. Just go to your college career center’s website and view the openings, noting down the positions available in the fall. As always, it’s good to be prepared, so if you know you’re interning for the fall be sure to lessen the coursework in order to be more available at work. If you need help finding internship positions, don’t be afraid to try new things.

The Intern Queen

You’ve probably never heard of the Intern Queen (or that a monarchy existed in this realm in the first place), but she’s an up-and-coming entrepreneur with goals to help average college students find internship positions to over 500 businesses. During her years in college, she completed 15 internships in four years. She fell in love with the process and started helping others around her find programs. If you’ve tried all other avenues with no success, visiting her site might help you find the perfect company to intern for!

Fall Internship Advice

When you’ve finally landed a position, be sure to work to the best of your ability no matter what the job. Being diligent and having a sound work ethic will go far in your learning experience let alone increase your career placement potential. Connecting with current employees and building relationships are other good ways to get hired. Even if the company you’re interning for doesn’t hire, the connections you made can assist you in finding positions at other businesses. Being positive and working as if you were employed are all practical things you can do to get the best out of your experience.

Paid Internships in the Fall

If you’re a little strapped for cash, instead of becoming a waiter at an Applebee’s or a Chili’s, searching for paid internships in the fall will help pay some bills while also providing a valuable educational opportunity. A little more work will be required on your part, but that’ll only give you a better experience. You’ll usually receive a salary or a monthly stipend, but of course, if you’re not accepted to any paid internships, an unpaid program is still valuable in the long-run, so if there are no other options don’t turn it down!


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