Fashion Scholarships

Two scholarships available. One from a handbag company and another from a footwear business.

Fashion Scholarships

Fashion designers are the men and women who create the looks of both today and tomorrow. With a median salary of over $62,000, there is a lot of competition for these job slots. In order to become a fashion designer though one needs at least a bachelor’s degree. Since higher education comes at a premium it’s important for those who are seriously considering a career in fashion to see what kind of fashion scholarships options they have.


Foxytote offers a $500 scholarship to the winner of its essay contest. Applicants much answer the question “The fashion industry thrives by setting trends and cultivating new ones. How do you determine which fashion trends best display who you are as a person and in which way or ways do you leverage the power of the internet to find that true you within all the noise?” in a creative essay between 500 and 1,000 words. Entrants must provide their projected graduation date and enrolled program as well. The deadline is July 31, 2014.

The Two Ten Footwear Foundation

Two Ten Footwear offers a variety of fashion design scholarships. Perhaps the primary scholarship it offers is for those who have a focus on footwear design. Created in 2003, this scholarship is available to any student, not just those who are employees or family of employees of Two Ten Footwear. Applications are handled online, and this scholarship is annual.

The Footwear Warriors scholarship is specifically meant for those who have served in the military and who are now returning to school. Though the GI Bill is always an option for veterans, Two Ten Footwear wants to take an active hand in promoting higher education among veterans, and trying to get them integrated into both the workforce and civilian life. As with the other scholarships this company offers applications are taken online.

The general-sounding higher education scholarships are for those who have some experience in the footwear industry and who want to better their professional lot. These scholarships are available to anyone with at least two years in the footwear industry, who is a United States citizen, and who is enrolled at an accredited two or four-year university in a recognized fashion design program. If someone meets these relatively simple prerequisites then he or she can apply online for one of these scholarships.

The fashion design industry is very competitive, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there’s going to be fewer jobs available instead of more. For that reason, if no other, it’s important that those who are going to be designing the looks and trends of the future are as educated and driven as they can possibly be. Fashion scholarships are here to help those with these traits achieve their goals.


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