Five Colleges That Pay Your Tuition

No Money? No Problem!

College is expensive; there is no doubt about that. Each year, thousands of college students graduate, only to find themselves deep in debt without a stable career to pay off student loans. What if you found out that your college was going to cover the cost of tuition? That is exactly what the following institutions are offering:

College of the Ozarks

This Missouri college is a liberal arts school that acknowledges its students may demonstrate financial need. Students who fit this description and show superior academic achievement need not pay tuition. Instead, these students work 15 hours each week for the school and graduate with no debt.

Berea College

This Kentucky liberal arts school requires all students to join the work-study program. As part of this program, students work 10 hours each week in one of 140 roles. While the program does not cover room and board, it does pay for a significant chunk of tuition – to the tune of $23,400.

Deep Springs College

This two-year California college gives each of its students a $50,000 scholarship to attend classes. Though located in the High Desert, this school offers students the chance to work on a cattle ranch and alfalfa farm while attending school. The kicker? This school welcomes less than 30 students each year.

Cooper Union

Who says you can’t attend school in the Big Apple affordably? Cooper Union students receive scholarships that cover half the $40,000 annual tuition based on academic achievement and community outreach. Students who demonstrate financial need may receive additional funds. In order to receive a scholarship, students must simply fill out a FAFSA.

University of the People

Very few students know that tuition-free colleges are available. University of the People is one of these institutions. Students are not charged tuition or book fees. Rather, the school wants to make access to higher education a reality for students, and not just a dream. Application and examination fees apply, but the school offers scholarships even for these fees.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or have lost your job and want to go back to school, opportunities await. You do not have to go deep in debt to finance your education. What could be better than an education without the regret of a financial mess? By rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, you might just save yourself some trouble further down the line. Of course, there are also easy scholarships available for students of all types.


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