Five Easy Scholarships You can Apply For

College and University educations are more expensive than ever. Not only have the costs associated with a higher education skyrocketed more people are attending schools than ever before. This means that a larger pool of people are applying for the same amount of scholarships. Those scholarships are also less comprehensive since costs have gone up so much. In this article we will examine five easy scholarships that you can apply for in order to make your dream of graduating college a reality.

1. 1000 Dollar Weekly Scholarship

This is among one of the more popular scholarships. is a college website guide that helps connect students with different schools and opportunities like internships and scholarships. While the site typically helps students and potential students find scholarships with other organizations and schools they also offer their own weekly scholarship for 1000 USD. This is one of the easier scholarships you can apply to. All current high school and college students are eligible. Simply fill out your name and personal details along with a 280 word written response to their question of the week and you will be entered into a chance to win.

2. The Haiku Scholarship

The CableTV Haiku scholarship is one of the most unique scholarships being offered right now. All you need to do to enter is write a 3 line Japanese style Haiku poem and submit your personal information at The scholarship pays out 1000 USD and is available for any US based high school or college student.

3. Scholarship Zone 10,000 Dollar Scholarship

Instead of being merit based the Scholarship Zone Scholarship is a monthly raffle for a 10,000 dollar payment towards your education. Simply visit and register your personal information which consists of a 15 item questionnaire and you will become eligible for the monthly drawing.

4. U.S. Bank Scholarship

U.S. Bank offers 40 scholarships a year for any American citizen who is enrolled in college or is a junior or senior in high school. This is another raffle style scholarship and all you need to do is sign up at and they will randomly draw 40 different students per year and pay 1,000 USD towards their schooling.

5. College Prowler No Essay Scholarship offers another no effort scholarship. Much like many of the other scholarships we have gone over you visit and answer a short series of questions and enter in your school and personal information. They offer 12 different scholarships per year of 2,000 USD each and you can apply for one each month out of the year. The process takes less than 5 minutes and if you are lucky can help you pay for a decent sized chunk of your college education.


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