Five Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Between classes, scholarships and movies, check out these sites that allow you to earn money!

College students usually need to find ways of making extra money while they are attending school. Part-time jobs are one way of making money to pay the bills or just have extra spending money. However, for a full-time student, even a part-time job may become overwhelming. There is an easier way. There are several opportunities for college students to make money online, at their own convenience. There are several websites available for college students to make money. How much money depends on how much time you can spend doing the work. Some of these sites offer opportunities as easy as answering a survey, or simply listening to a sample of music and giving a review. There is something for anyone who is looking to make money from the convenience of their own home.

Make Money Performing Simple Human Intelligence Tasks

One of these websites, Amazon Mechanical Turk, pays workers to answer questions. Questions as simple as, “Find the item number for the product in the image,” or, “Are these two products the same?” Some HITS will require the worker to meet specific qualifications to prove their expertise on the subject. The people at Amazon Mechanical Turk still believe that there are many things humans can do better than a computer. Mturk offers HITS, Human Intelligence Tasks, which workers can accept, answer, and get paid for.

Market Your Own Personal Talent or Skill

At Fiverr, you sign up and “create your own gig.” You offer your own service/talent and wait for someone to request it. Your “gig” could be to do web research for someone, or a company, that may not have the time to do it, or you could offer to draw someone a portrait of their own photos using charcoal. This website allows the opportunity to make money doing what you enjoy, and what you are good at, instead of what you have to do to make money. Remember when our parents would say, “you can do anything you want to do?” Well, this website proves that they were right!

Use Your Writing Abilities To Prosper is a great site to make money. At this site, you register and submit a sample of your writing. Your writing is then rated, from 2-star up to 4-star. The higher your rating, the more you make. There are more articles available to be written for the higher rankings. Also, the higher your rating, the more you get paid per word. There are articles available in several categories, you read the description and what the person wanting the article expects, and you accept to write the article, or decline. After you have written the article, the client has 72 hours to accept and pay, or it is automatically accepted.

Listen to Music, Give Your Rating and Opinion, Get Paid!

Slicethepie is a music reviewing website. You get paid to listen to samples of music and offer your honest opinions. You can even offer constructive criticism about the lyrics, harmony, instrumentals, etc. You only get paid a few cents per review, but, each sample only has to be listened to for 90 seconds. However, when your energy gauge gets to empty, you have to come back later and let your energy replenish.

Fatten Your Bank Account by Taking Surveys

Mindfieldonline is probably the easiest, intellectually. You are not required to do anything hard, that requires a lot of thinking. You are getting paid to take opinion research surveys. When you register you will answer several questions that will show what surveys will best fit you and your lifestyle. You’ll be notified when a survey that matches the criteria that you entered during registration and you’ll be paid after completing the survey.

There are five easy ways to make money online. Extra spending money, or bill money, couldn’t be more convenient to earn! Get registered at these sites and start earning money now! You are not going to find many easier ways to make money than those listed above. The sooner you register at these sites, the sooner you begin earning money!


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