Foreign Language Scholarships that You Could Consider

Foreign language scholarships for those who want to be more global

Foreign Language Scholarships

There is a high demand for multilingual experts all over the world right now, because of the globalization process. Many scholarships are offered to foreign language learners in the public domain (colleges, universities and governments) and the private sector. If you are a foreign language major, you can choose from many different domains and good examples can be international trade, national security, foreign relations and education. These are examples of foreign language scholarships that you can choose:

The German-American Citizen League of Cincinnati Prize

This annual scholarship is given to all individuals who are students at the University of Cincinnati and who are German language majors. Every year, the amount offered can be different. The amount is enough for sponsoring a year of studies and helping students to avoid the expensive tuition. In order to qualify, you must send academic recommendations and transcripts. If you want to have better odds, the best thing you can do is to also send a personal statement in which you show how committed you are to notions like German culture, and leadership. You could also mention how much you want to continue your studies of the German Language.

Linda C. Shakman Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to all the undergraduate foreign language majors who can become junior, senior of sophomore in the year in which they get the scholarship. For becoming eligible, the student has to be GPA 3.0 and above. Another condition for applicants is that they have to be residents of Indiana and to have a finished high school in this location. Participants who have a desire to become teachers in the future will be the preferred ones.

The Critical Language Scholarship Program

Shortly known as CLS, this program is meant to offer a prize to the best students who follow a non-Romance language degree. No matter if you are following a degree in Chinese, Arabic, Japanese or any other language, you have to show your skills. Every year, only a few students are chosen. Each of these students is able to select a different language, according to personal taste and skills. For being accepted, you need to be a graduated student with one year of full-time credits or more.

Texas Classical Association Scholarships (four types of scholarships)

There are four scholarships provided by the Texas Classical Association. The first type is worth 500 dollars and it can be attended by teachers. If you are a professor with at least two years of experience teaching classical languages, you are eligible. Another type of scholarship from TCA is the one meant for seniors who are part of a Latin certification program. The required GPA is 3.0 for Latin and an overall of 2.85. Also part of the association there are two more scholarships given named after Gareth Morgan and Lourania Miller and they are both of 1,000 dollars.

Helen Hoar Memorial French Award

The award is given to students who are majors in French or those who follow a minor in the language. For becoming accepted, the students need to prove their leadership skills and their academic excellence. Every year, the award is given to a particular student, without the possibility of renewal. April 15 is the deadline date.


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