Four Scholarships for Students Pursuing a Career in Healthcare

Healthcare Scholarships

The medical field is a rapidly growing profession that offers individuals a career that is fulfilling, well compensated, and respected. However, the process of entering the medical field requires a lot of schooling which is, of course, very expensive. So it’s important to look for scholarships that are related to the medical field. Here are four of the best medical scholarships around.

Top Medical Schools Assistance Scholarship

This healthcare scholarship offers $1,500 to the winner of the scholarship. In order to be eligible a person needs to be over the age of eighteen, and must be in college or will be by the 2014 fall semester. All of the scholarships must be submitted during the day of July 31, and the winner of the scholarship will receive an email by August 15th.

The scholarship will be awarded based upon who can write an essay about why the want to study for a career in medicine. The essay must be over four hundred words long, contain a personal story, and explain how they have good money saving habits. All candidates must have received a 3.0 GPA during the last academic year.

Physicians of Tomorrow Award

This is a $10,000 scholarship that is awarded to students who are or will be entering their third year of medical school. Generally between eight and twelve awards are awarded every year, and a candidate must submit their application by May 29th. In order to get an application you simply have to email the Physicians of Tomorrow Association, and ask them that you are interested in the award. The application will detail what information you must submit.

This scholarship is awarded based upon academic accomplishments, and some of the awards are given to individuals who are interested in medical journalism. The application involves submitting letters of recommendation, transcripts, and essays.

Cascade Healthcare Solutions Scholarship

The Cascade Healthcare Solutions Scholarship awards future nurses a thousand dollars in academic assistance. This program is for current nursing students, or people who be entering nursing school for the fall 2014 semester. All candidates must be over 18 and have received a 3.0 GPA last year. The scholarship is awarded to the individual who can write a 300 word essay on how nurses can make a difference in the world, and all applications are due by August 1st.

ACLS Recertification Healthcare Training Scholarship

The ACLS Recertification Healthcare Training Scholarship is a scholarship that is open to anyone over the age of 18, who are either in or will be attending nearly any type of medical school or program.

The scholarship offers two thousand dollars in academic assistance, and a certain number of the applicants will have the fees for ACLS re-certification waived. The scholarship requires a 500-1000 word essay on a time they have provided lifesaving emergency care. All applications must be submitted in word format by the end of December 31, and contain the candidates name, address, school, and program of study.


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