Getting Away From the “Lazy Student” Stigma Associated with Easy Scholarships

Just because someone is searching for easy scholarships doesn’t make them lazy. Find out how someone else responded to a student asking for easy scholarships, and how I responded to their inquiry on Yahoo Answers.

An obvious point comes up whenever the term “easy scholarships” arises in a conversation. Questions of ambition, work-ethic and standards come to mind of those who frown upon the fruitless but always available “easy route”. Yet this, coincidentally, is what our society tries to achieve as each generation improves upon the ideas of the former, ultimately questing to make things easier for future generations. Why cook food over fire when you can just microwave it? Why use snail mail when you can send it quicker w/o a trip to the mailbox with email? And why walk to your destination when you can drive? There is value in hard work, but only if it’s necessary. The term “work smarter, not harder” is well-known and is how we as human beings advance to the next level. Yet still, there are those who try to demean students seeking ways to increase their chances of winning money for school by searching for easy scholarships ensuring the work they put into a program won’t be wasted effort.

Q&A on Yahoo

Last week, I answered a question on Yahoo Answers in an effort to help a person searching for easy scholarships. I tried being as informative as possible which resulted in my answer being chosen as the best (Yay!). Someone else, however, was less helpful and instead quite insulting and rude. A student asked where she could find easy scholarships to apply for in a quest to help fend off the high tuition increases so prevalent in our nation (Just head over to Yahoo Answers to see my response as well as the other response). The guy, who is a top contributor, grilled her for asking such a question. It seemed he was hoping to crush any hope of her attaining the info she wanted explaining that there was “no such thing” as an easy scholarship. In his diatribe, he based his logic that if there were easy scholarships available, all the funding would’ve dried up years ago because of the amount of applicants that would’ve rushed to get their share of the pie. Of course, he did no research and was simply talking from an ideological standpoint not based on facts.

Easy scholarships are attainable

If you’ve been around this site awhile then you know there are plenty of easy scholarships out there (even if they can be difficult to find). The trick is to not let others dissuade you in your quest. Of course, you can try a few traditional scholarships, but always make time for the ones you feel will give you a better chance of receiving funds. State budgets are forcing institutions across the nation to put more of the cost burden of school onto students. Tuition has already increased in Iowa (5-40%), Georgia (16%), Florida (15%) and Washington (10.8%) because of tight state budgets (Huffington Post has a neat slide-show detailing all the other tuition hikes). Money is hugely important nowadays and it’s necessary to pursue all avenues that can help you acquire as much as possible. So if you’re on a rocky boat financially or recognize that you may need extra money for school, there are ways you can improve your situation. Just don’t be afraid of what others may think of your methods.


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