Graduate College with No Student Loan Debt!

These Rewards Programs Help Eliminate Student Debt

Each year, more than 20 million Americans go to college. About 12 million of these students borrow money every year, to pay for college expenses. There are close to 37 million student loans on the books. However, students are still having difficulties getting loans and repaying loans. Here is a closer look at a few online programs that can help college students and college graduates.


SmarterBucks is a rewards program that is designed to help individuals pay off or reduce student loan debt. The SmarterBucks system helps you to focus on applying a percentage of every dollar you spend online to reduce your loan balance. This program is for anyone that has student loan debt. You can also sign up for the program to help individuals with student loan debt. Members earn SmartBucks when they shop online at the SmartBucks Marketplace website. You must shop at this website to receive discounts up to 10 percent at major retailers. When you establish a balance of at least $10.00, SmarterBucks will apply the $10.00 toward your student loan.


SaveUp is a free website that rewards individuals for improving their financial position. Individuals compete for rewards by saving money. Go to the site and create an account and link your bank account to the SaveUp account. When you start paying down your student loan, SaveUp is notified and you receive credits. The program is designed to get members more involved with reducing student loan debt, car loans, home loans, and other financial debts. The credits that you earn are like reward points. Individuals can win millions of dollars on this site. Members use the credits they receive to play in sweepstakes to win cars, vacations, cash and other prizes from retailers.


Upromise says that millions of families have earned $676,316,921 million for college. Upromise was launched to help people pay for college expenses. Today, the company has 10 million members. The website site has 950 online retailers and more than 10,000 restaurants that have signed up with the company. There are also 21,000 grocery and drug stores in this program. Upromise is primarily for future students and current students and students that have graduated. The program is also used by family members and friends that want to help persons that have student loan debt. Set up an account online and receive 5 percent discounts online and 8 percent discounts at restaurants.

The retailers give members a percentage of the money they spend back to help pay for college expenses and student loans. You must shop with approved online Upromise partners. If you dine out, you must use a debt or credit card. When you accumulate $25.00, the funds can be applied to a 529 account for college or to pay down your student loan balance.

Finally, these are excellent tools that will help future and current students reduce their college expenses. Also, the SmartBucks, SaveUp and Upromise programs are available for anyone that has student loan debt. Some programs are designed for family members and friends to assist individuals that have student loan debt.


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