Guidance for High School Students Heading to College

A nice list of articles with tons of helpful information for high school students interested in going to college.

They say it’s a good idea to plan years ahead for what and where you want to see yourself. When you interview for a job, one common question is “where do you see yourself in five years?”. If you’re a high school student, you can start the practice now because being a goal-oriented person is looked upon favorably by college admissions officers and scholarship selection committees. Below is a lists of articles with helpful information on scholarships, college costs and finding that perfect institution. Don’t wait until the last minute to get everything in order. Plan ahead so that you won’t be dismayed when unwelcoming surprises come up (as they often do).

Scholarships for Sophomores – If you’re a sophomore and are seeing the rising costs of higher education, applying to these scholarship programs is a good way to plan ahead. It never hurts to get a headstart on trying to fund your college education.

Scholarships for Juniors – One year left till graduation? Keep the money coming by applying for scholarships for juniors. Although many scholarships require that you either be enrolled at a college or will be within the year, there are funds available for juniors who are forward thinkers.

Pepsi Scholarships – Pepsi, through various philanthropic efforts, supports urban areas with scholarships. They believe no one should be denied an adequate education on so offer help to those in financial need. Find out if any are available for you!

Eagle Scout Scholarships – Been walking elderly ladies across the street and now you want to get paid? Being an eagle scout is a noble and honorable status that means you are a community-minded individual. If you follow the Scout Law and Oath on a daily basis, check out what scholarships are available to you.

College Matchmaker – Finding the right college can be tough, but there’s help out there if you need it. With so many institutions with varying pros and cons to choose from, being able to narrow down your search by using popular college search engines will make the job tons easier.

Cheap Universities – Price is a huge deal with tuition always creeping upward. If you’re shopping around for a budget college education, take a gander at this post. Just be warned that oftentimes when you go the cheap route, quality can be compromised.

College Admissions Assistance – This is actually a company with the name College Admissions Assistance (not a generic term). They pay top dollar to help you find the right school, but some think their tactics are shady. Read this review of the company before signing anything.

Athletic Scholarships – A basic overview of athletic scholarships. If interested in pursuing funds dedicated to athletes, knowing how and where to find them is a good start.

Community Service Scholarships – Helping out in the community will increase your chances of receiving scholarships. You may not be athletically inclined, but if you’re big into community service, scholarships can help cut down college costs.

Bible Scholarships – Faith is important to many across this nation and churches, institutions and organizations wish to encourage youth who are fellow parishioners. Take a look at a few Christian Scholarships available from around the country.


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