Have anything Newsworthy to share? If so, you could earn a $1,000 Scholarship

A look at an easy scholarship from Uloop, an online marketplace for college students, and Zinch. Check out details like eligibility requirements, scholarship deadline, some background information on Uloop and more!

uloop and zinch newsworthy scholarshipUloop and Zinch are offering an easy scholarship worth $1,000 to anyone who can write an essay (500 words or less) detailing a newsworthy event occurring on their campus. This scholarship is open to current college students and offers a chance to not only receive $1,000, but to become a campus editor or a student writer for Uloop. The campus editor position is paid and is a great experience to add to a resume. For this position, you’ll be required to approve, write articles, edit (of course) and recruit other students since your pay will be dependant on how large your staff is. You may also be able to acquire college credit for this position. Being a student writer is not paid, but still offers great experience and promotion to campus editor is always possible.

Application Process

As with many scholarships associated with Zinch, the scholarship application is fairly easy. The What Newsworthy event happened on your campus this week? scholarship simply requires that you compose your 500 word essay, register for an account and provide basic contact information. The deadline for this scholarship is June 9th, 2012. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a current college student, a legal US citizen and attend an accredited institution. Ten semifinalists will be selected by Zinch who then will pass that information to Uloop so they can select the winner. The essay will be judged on whether you can “clearly describe the newsworthy event” are creative in presenting the news and that you exhibit sufficient writing ability. They say that even something “ordinary can be newsworthy”, but my advice if you choose the ordinary route is to be creative so that it draws interest to the judges. Otherwise, try to choose something that’ll intrigue the reader.

The Uloop Rundown

Uloop is a great place for college students to buy and sell textbooks as well as other items, find roommates or organize carpools, locate employment (part or full-time) or internships and even search for scholarships and student loans. They herald themselves as being a “Student Powered Marketplace” where students can comfortably save and earn money with kindred scholars across the nation. Perhaps, a more suited service than Craigslist, Uloop is a great resource and “online marketplace for college life” as they require a certified educational email address for sign-up which should limit the number of scammers trying to take advantage of the system. Of course, people of this nature can be found in all levels of society, but at least your chances of getting scammed are decreased substantially.


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