How to Find the Right College

One of the most important things to know for high school grads is how to find the right college. There are a lot of tips and some good information out there to help students locate the best college fit for their needs and goals. Professional advice can be a life-saver at this point of your education.

Today there are a lot more tools at your disposal than students had not so long ago. Technology is rapidly changing how we do everything including search for the right college. One powerfully helpful tool is a college search engine. You might hear them referred to as a college matchmaker. Either way you can get a lot of help locating the right school for you.

Locating some of the top universities for your goals and interests no longer means looking at a flat, static list full of numbers and names. Now you can go online and view the schools as well as choose videos prepared to introduce prospects to the school. Most all up-to-date colleges and universities feature photo tours now.

On these college matchmaker sites you can also find help for writing a college application essay. This is one area of dread for many would-be students. By reading through all the tips you will be able to draft an essay much easier than you might have thought.

Through a college search engine you are able to find topics like-

Career College
Community College
Distance Learning Programs
Public Universities
Continuing Education
State Universities
College Types
Private College

and many more helpful topics to get your sights pointed in the right direction. They cover everything you might run into so you know more about what to expect. You can find out information on-

Campus Life & Student Life
How To Research College
Sports & College
Transfer Colleges
Top Universities
College List Planning
College Programs
College & Universities (tips for survival)
Career Planning (how to write a resume’)
College Rankings Are not ‘Everything’
Campus Tour & College Visit

and much more information for helping you nail down which college or university is going to work best for you and your specific circumstances.

Admission Help

One of the most stressful things for aspiring students is applying to the school of their choice. Using a good college search engine you can find out just how to go about the admission process. You can learn about-

The Application Essay
College Admission Requirements
College Application
College Prep (your credentials)
Early Decision/Early Application
Gap Year
College Acceptance
International Students Guide
Visual & Performing Arts
Letters of Recommendation & College Interviews
Rolling Admissions

and anything else you might need to know before applying to get into the college or university of your choice.

Finding Easy Scholarships

Scholarships are one of the most helpful ways of paying for your education. You are not obligate to repay them. In regard to ‘easy’ scholarships the only way they can be viewed as ‘easy’ is by being easy to apply for. They are the ones that take up very little time on the application process and are easier to understand than most others.

To make your application for easy scholarships ‘easier’ keep the following list of information handy at all times. Then take it with you as you check out your college matchmaker like ‘College Board’ and things will go quickly and smoothly-

Letters of Recommendation
Job & Career Proof (students and parents)
Medical Records (students and parents)
Military Records (students and parents)
Financial Information & Tax Returns (parents)
Financial Aid Forms (FAFSA or PROFILE)
Standardized Test Scores
Proof of Eligibility

If you have all this information you are ready to enter contests and search for easy scholarships to apply for.


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