Information About the CEEB Code, SAT and PSAT

CEEB Codes are standardized ID numbers for high schools and universities. They’re developed by the College Board and are necessary in order to take the SAT standardized test and on applications for colleges and universities. You can go to the College Board website to look-up the CEEB Code when registering for the SAT. The ACT has a similar code for the same purposes. If registering for the ACT, you can setup a Student Web Account to send scores to colleges and universities, change test dates and update your GPA.

The College Board: Ceeb Code Originators

The acronym CEEB stands for College Entrance Examination Board which was established in 1900 and is known today as the College Board. They administer the SAT which previously stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test, but today is simply referred to as the SAT Reasoning Test with no meaning for the acronym. The College Board website offers practice questions for those preparing to take the test. The test days are offered on the first Saturday of the month from October to June. Many students take the tests twice; first during spring in their junior year and second in the fall as seniors. The questions focus on Reading, Math and Writing. The Reading section tests your reading comprehension and sentence structure ability; the Math section offers problem solving and multiple choice questions; the Writing section is where you’ll be tested on your ability to find faults and errors and your ability to “follow the conventions of Standard Written English”.

SAT Preparation

When planning to take the SAT, the College Board recommends that you take challenging classes in the areas of math, reading and writing as well as reading and writing beyond what is assign to you at school; writing blogs, keeping journals and reading books are just a few ideas given by the site. Flash cards are ways you can prepare for the math section of the test. Study guides specifically designed for the SAT can also vastly improve your score giving you a better chance of entering selective colleges. College Board offers an official Study Guide with practice tests, essay questions, score reports and an in depth look at the test itself to help you with your approach.


The College Board also offers the PSAT/NMSQT which is a preliminary test that reveals any weaknesses in areas that need to be focused on before taking the SAT. This test is mostly taken by high school sophomores and juniors but can also be taken by students in lower grade levels. The questions are multiple-choice and offer the same Math, Reading and Writing sections as the SAT. Not only is the PSAT/NMSQT a great practice test for the SAT, but it can also grant those with high scores access to scholarship programs from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation and tools for career planning.

More Help Available

The College Board has a ton of useful information for those taking the SAT. Not only can you setup test dates and locate CEEB Codes, but you can take a full unofficial SAT test for free, create a study plan that’ll help you prepare for the big day, review scores and questions you got wrong on the PSAT/NMSQT; you can also receive tips, use their free Skills Insight tool, and have access to a bunch of useful information to give you the best chance possible for the SAT. It’s all about putting in the time and effort required so that you can have a better chance of enrolling to your preferred post-secondary institution.


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