Journalism Scholarship Options Are Plentiful

These journalism scholarships range in award amounts and deadlines

Journalism Scholarships

The journalism field continues to evolve to this day through not only broadcast media but also through electronic media. Today you can find many journalism scholarships to help pay your way through your education no matter what field you are interested in covering.

Be aware that many of these scholarships are good for particular people who meet certain criteria and may be for studies at certain schools. This is only a small sampling of the extensive variety of scholarships that you can find today.

Feldman Fellowship For Graduate Studies in Journalism

The Feldman Fellowship is for students who are looking to attend post-graduate school for a journalism degree. Sponsored by the National Press Club, this is good for $5,000 for studies at Columbia, one of the country’s top graduate schools for journalism. This scholarship must be applied for before May 1 on any year.

Richard G. Zimmerman Journalism Scholarship at GWU

The Zimmerman Scholarship at George Washington University is for a $5,000 scholarship to study at GWU. It is good for high school seniors who are looking to advance in the world of journalism and to get their degrees in this field. The deadline for this scholarship is March 1 of each year.

David Barr Award

The David Barr award is offered by the Newspaper Guild and is for high school and college students who are interested in studying journalism. It particularly puts an emphasis on newspaper reporting and works with students interested in the print and digital media fields alike. High school students can receive a $1,000 scholarship while college students can get $1,500. The deadline for this annual award is on February 17 of each year that it is offered.

JEA Journalists of the Year Scholarships

The JEA scholarships are for high school seniors looking to enter into the world of journalism. Scholarships here are for those who write for student papers and are given to the most talented writers in the field. The top winner will receive $3,000 while a series of runner-ups will receive $850 each. The deadline to apply here is March 15.

NILRR William Ruggles Journalist Scholarship

This is a scholarship for students who are looking to enter into the field of journalism and entails a closer look at the economic side of the industry and understanding how the economy is run. The application process for this is during the fourth quarter of the year with the deadline being on December 31 at the end of the quarter. The scholarship is good for $2,000 and works for one year of coverage.

The Society of Professional Journalists Los Angeles

Some scholarships for journalism students are for those who live in specific parts of the country. The Society of Professional Journalists Los Angeles is one example as it is for students in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties in California. This scholarship is available with a value of up to $1,000 per student. You may want to check with different organizations in your state to see if your area has a scholarship program similar to what the SPJ has to offer for students to utilize in southern California. The deadline is March 16.

Be sure to look around carefully to see what scholarships are open. The choices for the field are varied and will entail their own qualification standards.


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