JustJobs Scholarship Program

Details on the JustJobs Scholarship Program. If you’re interested in earning a bit of easy cash for school, check out application info, eligibility requiremens and deadlines!

Today’s scholarship comes from the JustJobs Academy. The scholarship is available three times a year and awards $2,000 to eligible students. However, in order to participate, your school must be registered with the JustJobs Scholarship Program. You can view a list of registered colleges here. If your school isn’t registered, all you have to do is head over to your Financial Aid office and request that they register for the scholarship program. Real easy. Beyond that, the criteria for eligibility consist of being a full-time student, Liking the JustJobs Facebook Page and completing the scholarship application in its entirety. The deadline is August 31.

Application Process

The scholarship application requires you include information about your academic activities (GPA, major, graduation date), “Like” and read one of their ‘work smart’ lessons or job search guides, comment on whichever guide or lesson you choose (you must include a link and username so they can identify your comment) and compose an essay 300-500 words long. Here’s the essay question: “How did you chose your major? What obstacles have you had to overcome and what will it mean to you to graduate with this degree?” The JustJobs’ Scholarship Committee will announce the recipients the following month (the scholarship will only be available after 100 applications have been received). Other than that, just work hard and hope for the best!

About JustJobs

This is a fun, unique job searching site (notice all the cartoon characters?) that offers helpful guides and advice for those trying to find adequate employment. Searching for a career can be quite difficult (especially with a rough economy), yet this company desires to walk you through the process with career guides, blog posts and lessons plans all designed to give you a competitive edge among your peers. Nowadays, there are countless job searching sites that try to cover the basics for those seeking employment , yet JustJobs takes a more casual, personal approach when it comes to helping users find work. You receive personal instruction from Eric Shannon, the CEO, with informative blog posts and are able to engage with him and other people through comments made on the site. Most sites of this nature are serious and professional, yet this is a bit more lighthearted (it even offers a “Caption Contest” where visitors who write the funniest captions for a cartoon wins a $50 Amazon certificate). Of course, for the purpose of this site the scholarship is the biggest deal, but it still might not be a bad idea keeping JustJobs handy when it comes time to look for a job.


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