Let InternMatch.com Connect You to the Right Company

This post offers information about the company InterMatch.com. If in college and want to be connected with a reputable company to gain valuable on-the-job experience, check out how to get involved with this site.

With a mission to help students get matched with a company looking for college students to intern with their company InternMatch.com was born. The process makes it easier for both the student and the business to reach the goal of a quality internship. In these economic times it is imperative to set yourself apart from the crowd to be considered for the cream of the crop opportunities. Internships provide the experience needed to land those great jobs by networking within the industry of your choice.

InternMatch.com started with by raising $900,000 from various investors such as Netflix founder Marc Randolph, 500 Startups, and Angel Fund Social Leverage. It has since grown to be the top spot for those looking to intern with both major business entities and minor type companies looking for bright, motivated college students that can fill various positions. They also have connections with a host of nonprofit companies for those whose interests lie in that area.

Not only does the website offer help for the student it is also a community board where companies can post the available spots they would like to fill. This allows the company access to some of the brightest upcoming talent in the college arena while providing the opportunity to intern in many different industries. Once matched the intern has access to gain experience, as well as, exposure that can set them apart from all the other job seekers after graduation.

InternMatch.com is a full service site that has free downloads of resume templates, cover letter templates, along with letter of recommendations templates to make the job search process more profitable. Guides on how to find the best internship, how to land the internship, how to stand out with your business card, and pointers on how to network offline are available. The company also puts on job fairs in Texas, California, and New York.

Industry guides give details on each industry to help the choice of where to apply for internships easier. Technology, banking, advertising, and others contain the top 25 companies in those sectors. There is also advice on how to get prepared for the internship interview and how to land the position. There is even a guide on How To Be A Rock Star Intern.

The service does not end with the above services. InternMatch.com also has connections win leaders all over the country and can set up lunches with these industry movers and shakers at a dive star restaurant. What could an hour of the best and brightest in the various industries mean to an interns chance of landing the primo positions. The search for great internships has just entered the technology age and is providing applicants and businesses the platform to connect intelligently.


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