Math Scholarships of All Types

A diverse mix of math scholarships

Math Scholarships

Getting a degree in mathematics can be important, no matter if you decide to follow a career in technology, business, or education. There are many math scholarships available for the people who are interested and the awards are based on the needs of students and their merits. These are just some of the programs:

The Brian Family Endowed Scholarship in Mathematics

This fund was created in 2011 in the state of Texas by two individuals. The scholarship is meant for undergraduate majors. A minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required. This scholarship is for students attending Baylor University.

Boston University Robert Noyce Scholarship Programs

This math scholarship offered by the Boston University is meant for preparing middle school and high school teachers in the field of mathematics. The Noyce program is in fact a fund raised by six local districts, the School of Education, the graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the National Science Foundation. A maximum of thirteen students who want to become math teachers can enroll in the one-year program.

The students who enroll must have a passion for mathematics and teaching, love interacting with other individuals who are younger, provide an environment of learning to those who want to learn math and commit for four years in a district school that needs math teachers. The yearly deadline for this program is February 5.

The Howard and Anita Rolf Endowed Mathematics Scholarship

The fund belongs to the members of the Rolf family, along with students and friends. It is designed for undergraduate majors in mathematics. The minimum GPA is 2.5. This scholarship is for students attending Baylor University.

Math for America New York Fellowship

The purpose of Math for America is enhancing the math education in the public sector. This fellowship consists of five years of studies for any skilled graduate. There is a four-year scholarship included that allows you to teach in one of the public secondary schools in New York. Another included scholarship is a full tuition master’s degree program. New York University, Bard College, Columbia University and Teachers College unite for offering the income of a teacher and one thousand dollars over five years. There are other benefits as well.

You need to be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States with a bachelor degree from an accredited source to apply. You also need to have gone through extensive math courses, with at least 21 credits. You should be passionate about mathematics, have excellent communication skills, be able to establish a good learning environment and commit for five years. If you are concerned about the deadline, the truth is it is variable.

AIAA Foundation Orville Wilbur Wright Graduate Awards Scholarship

This scholarship is given for the commemoration of one hundred years of flight. 5000 dollars are offered each year to 3 graduate students who study engineering and science. The awarded student can only get the award once and the deadline for participating is January 31.


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