National Geographic Internships

Learn about the many National Geographic internship opportunities available and how you can go about pursuing these positions. National Geographic is a great place to start your career. If you love traveling, seeing new things and offering your unique insight on various subjects, then a career at National Geographic might be for you!

National Geographic, with its fifty million monthly readers, is a great place to start a career for photojournalists, geographers, public relations majors, history majors and a host of other majors all looking to get a foot in the world-renowned company. This is a well-established publisher and a prominent landmark in Washington D.C. offering great opportunities to individuals with diverse backgrounds all over the world. If you’re a student majoring in journalism, sociology, psychology, sciences, anthropology and other fields of study associated with traditional Natural Geographic subjects, finding internship opportunities, although somewhat difficult, will prove to be a great genesis for your career. Photography is definitely huge at National Geographic, but even they suggest you delve into different areas so you can have a better chance at career placement. Learning more than just one skill will make you more marketable in the job market, which I’m sure you’ve probably heard many times from your school’s counselor, so on to the internships! You can find loads of National Geographic internship opportunities on their job’s site where they present up-to-date listings of job availabilities and internship openings for aspiring employees. For further information, read on!

Photography Internship

National Geographic is a much sought-after destination for aspiring interns all across the nation. It’s very competitive and requires exceptional credentials and academic history to be accepted to intern at the company. For example, they only offer one photography internship to the winner of the College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) contest. You’re judged by experts in the field with categories like Single Picture, Multiple Picture, Portfolio and Multimedia. You’ll be competing against hundreds of contestants around the globe, and since this is the only chance a year a photographer will have in attaining an internship at National Geographic, people will often produce their finest material in hopes of receiving that life-changing opportunity. If you enjoy traveling, the spin-off magazine National Geographic Traveler offers photography internships during the traditional fall, spring and summer seasons.

Multimedia Internships

If you’re able to produce a quality multimedia presentation that is cohesively put together and engages the viewer with noteworthy storytelling skills, you might be able to get a multimedia internship with National Geographic. The deadline is February 31, and they require you have a letter of recommendation, a website with recent work and a resume expounding your credentials. You’ll be able to display your strengths in multimedia related skills like web design, illustration, photojournalism all while using your unique perspective. They offer multimedia internships to three individuals lasting four months each year, so get to the multimedia making!

Other National Geographic Internships

In there continuing quest to diffuse geographic awareness to the public, they offer internships for students majoring in geography in their junior or senior year of college. Journalism internships are done through the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) which more information can be found on that website. Students looking for programs in film and television can find information concerning that on their job’s site. Being able to work for such a world-renowned establishment like National Geographic is a great way to get the ball rolling in your professional life. Being diligent about your work, sticking to your principles and always seeking the not-so-obvious perspective on various subjects will give you the best chances of earning a most honored internship at National Geographic.


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  1. Cricket Greer // March 21, 2012 at 2:39 pm // Reply

    I’m searching for a counseling psychology internship and see that psychology is one of the areas in which there can be an internship with National Geographic. I have a couple of friends who have worked on National Geographic boats and I have been a member of NG for years. Let me know if there is any possibility of internship or work in my area. Thanks so much.

    Cricket Greer

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