No Essay Scholarships

You’re on the scholarship hunt and are looking for the ones that don’t require an essay. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time with traditional scholarships and need a break, or writing isn’t your strong suit. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of no essay scholarships to be found if you’re willing to replace an essay with some other activity like shooting a video, some weird stunt (like creating a prom dress made entirely of duct tape), or simply being one of the lucky ones selected from a random drawing. The truth is, when all is said and done, money is still money whether it’s from a world-class essay detailing how you’re going to change the world, or if your name was picked out of a hat. So give WordPad a break and learn about a few no essay scholarships. Also, be sure to check out a List of No Essay Scholarships after finished reading this post.

This website has a monthly scholarship worth up to $10,000. Just fill out a student profile and earn points to increase your chances of winning. They award you points based on your activity online; if you enjoy reading blogs, playing games and taking surveys then more points will be credited to your account. is owned and operated by the Edvisors student marketing company. There aim is to direct students to different companies (a.k.a clients), to promote their brand, product or service to the student consumer. They don’t require any money to join, so it’s not a scam; it’s a form of incentive marketing where they provide an incentive (money for college), in return for your participation.

Dr Pepper Million Dollar Tuition Giveaway

If you’re not camera shy you can enter this contest by producing a short video of why you think you deserve a college scholarship for a chance to win $100,000 in tuition assistance. Not exactly one million, I know. You’re thinking they just slapped the “million dollar” term just to spur excitement. But hold on a second, there’s more. They’re spreading the wealth to over sixty students who’ll receive $2,500 and an extra twenty-five who will be able to go to one of five Grand Prize college football games to throw a pass for a chance to win $100,000 with a runner-up winning $23,000. In total there’ll be five $100,000 winners and five $23,000 winners. We don’t know how many “over” sixty will win the $2,500 so we can’t do the math to see if exactly one million will be given away, but if it were just sixty, the total amount given away would be exactly $765,000. Still though, even if they just added the million dollar term for saleability, the important thing is that if you can shoot a nice video extoling your many extracurricular activities while sneaking in a few Dr Pepper plugs, you could receive a decent amount of cash for school.

The Tell A Friend Scholarship

This is a sweepstakes scholarship from that awards $1,000 to help pay for college and $500 for a friend you’ve referred to the site. has a ton of useful information concerning how you can earn money for college; they match you up with scholarships that you’d be strong in, and they help with the college search. Just give them an email address and a password and they’ll send you a referral link that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, a blog or any other social networking platform so that when people click on your link and create a profile, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one grand for college. It’s real simple and straightforward and requires no essay.

More No Essay Scholarships

There are plenty more Easy Scholarships that don’t require a written essay. Some of the best ones include sweepstake scholarships that often times allow you multiple entries for a greater chance of winning. Other no essay scholarships include Film Scholarships. Don’t let the traditional scholarships bog you down with all the competition, work and time needed just for a one in a million chance of winning a tuition payment for college. You’re probably already working hard enough searching for a college and keeping those grades up, so give yourself a break and save the essays for college!


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