The OP Loftbed Scholarship

Details on the OP Loftbed Scholarship that’s available to apply for this summer. Learn what they require as far as eligibility and find out what the important dates are.

The OP Loftbed Company can provide a break from all the traditional scholarships you may have applied for as this program has a fairly easy application process. The scholarship is worth $500 and is available only to students attending an accredited institution in the United States. The scholarship can be completed entirely online which is always the best method because it’s quick, easy and free (no postage stamps). Other reasons why it’s so easy? It’s not based on GPA, community service, writing skill or anything that traditional scholarships usually demand. And although they have basic minimal requirements, you’ll still want to be sure your application draws the judges in with interesting answers to the questions they ask. This one shouldn’t take more than a few hours to complete. The deadline is July 31, 2012.

Application Process

Again, the online application is quite simple. They of course require you complete the application before submitting it and not repeat the questions as you give your answer. They also look for “fun and interesting” responses. You’ll find a lengthy page of text describing the rules of the application which they strongly suggest you read. In fact, located on this page is the answer to question number four which, if not answered correctly, will disqualify you from the scholarship. If you look on the actual application, question number four looks pretty generic, but it’s actually a trick question as there’s only one legitimate response they’ll look for. They will select first round finalist by August 31, 2012 who will be required to show proof of U.S. citizenship. And from that pool a winner will be chosen.

Further Reading for the OP Loftbed Scholarship

They’ll post winners on their site for promotional purposes and you can view past winners and their response to various questions to possibly get a feel of what they look for. They mention more scholarships may be awarded based on how well they are doing business-wise. They’ve offered fall and winter scholarships in the past so if you’re not selected for their summer scholarship, check back to see if they’re offering funds for any other seasons. The program started in 2002 and is a way of saying thanks to their main customers (college students) for bringing success to their company. This one is among one of the easiest scholarships out there since it allows you to let loose a little (no citations needed, simply respond in a conversational manner) and can put $500 extra dollars in your pocket for just a few hours of your time. Good Luck!


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