Participate in the Global Event that’ll Unite Youth Everywhere has already proven to be the one place where students from all over the world can search for opportunities that will bring them success on an international level. This time, the guys are preparing a global event that will unite young people everywhere.

They’re organizing a global Webinar with the theme “How to become a cabin crew member and travel the world for free?”. Two guests speakers have been announced, both of whom have had vast experience in traveling the world as part of a cabin crew.

The theme is chosen for its great popularity among students everywhere, and we can see why that is. The job offers many benefits, among which are unlimited free airfair, great salary, and dynamic work. On top of that, everyone who has a good knowledge of foreign languages and is enthusiastic has a chance to get the job.

The HeySuccess Webinar has the ability to answer all of the questions about the job that are still unclear to those who think of applying. The guests, Jovana Miljanovic and Elena Skalovskaia, will share their experiences as working in a cabin crew with thousands of live viewers.

Who can attend the webinar?
– Anyone with internet connection.

Who can ask questions?
– Anyone who attends the webinar.

How can you find the event?
– Go to the official Facebook event or watch the event directly following this link
When will it be held?
– 20th of march

What will you get from the webinar?
– You’ll learn more about the good and bad sides of working as a cabin crew member; the way you can apply for the job; the skills you need in order to get considered for the position; other tips and tricks for getting the job of your dream and travel the world for free.

Are you ready to get on board?

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  1. Mona Balghouthi // March 16, 2015 at 9:17 am // Reply

    Quite Intersting !Thanks for letting us know about this webinar ! Sharing is caring 🙂

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