Project Yellow Light’s $5,000 Scholarship

Find out about the Project Yellow Light scholarship and eligibility requirements. This is a fairly simple scholarship but the deadline is approaching so apply soon! Also, be sure to check out other easy scholarships by visiting the Easy Scholarships List page.

Project Yellow Light is offering a scholarship of up to $5,000 to three creative high school seniors and full time college students. The organization has announced the competition and is welcoming entries from all over the country. The scholarship will be awarded to the best video that exposes the dangers of distracted driving in a short 25 or 55 second video. Deadline is March 17.

Everyday there is another horror story about the end result of people who are distracted when driving. Sending or receiving a call from your cell phone or worse sending or receiving a text are the main emphasis for one of the three easy scholarships to be awarded. First place will receive the top scholarship with the runner up garnering a $2,000 prize and the second runner up receiving a $1,000 award from Project Yellow Light. There are two competitions to enter. One for the high school seniors and one for the college level students.

The generosity of the Mazda automobile company has made the scholarship prizes possible for the organization to award. Project Yellow Light was created to bring awareness of the dangers of distracted driving shortly after Hunter Garner was killed in an automobile accident which involved a distracted driver. Julie and Lowell Garner, parents of Hunter, along with his sister Alexandra started the scholarship as a way to remind the students of his Fredricksburg, Va high school that distracted driving is a major cause of deaths of teenagers through automobile accidents.

Four years later after gaining national attention the scholarship was extended to the entire country and funded by Mazda Motorsports and their race car drivers. The organization can now bring attention to the nation through this competition and the videos produced by the entrants. The winners of these easy scholarships will also have their video made into a Public Service Announcement by the Ad Council and will be distributed to 1,600 television stations across the country.

Two sets of scholarships will be awarded to the school of your choice. One for high school students and one for full time college students. To qualify you must be in high school and complete your graduation requirements by July 31, 2014 or be a full time college student working towards a degree through at least July 2014. All videos will be 25 or 55 seconds long and must not show a scene of driving while texting since that is obviously one of the distraction dangers that cause thousands of accidents each year.

More rules and answers to questions can be found at
Check them out and get your video entry in to take advantage of these easy scholarships to help pay your tuition.


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