Reasons you Should Intern this Summer

There are many benefits to interning

Reasons you should Intern this Summer

Your career can begin from anywhere. These days, there is an increasingly larger number of young people creating their own startups. In other cases, you may begin from an internship in which case you will get exposed to a lot of learning, network connections and lifelong friends. As the number of job opportunities getting lesser and lesser when the nation is in a economic downturn, having a degree is not enough to set you apart from the rest of the pack and land you a job. Here are a number of reasons you should consider taking part in an internship this summer.


Opting for an internship provides you with the relevant industry experience required in order to give you handy tools to use in the real world. You will be exposed to the way in which real companies work and this can come in useful for your future career path. As an intern, you will most likely be involved in a number of different activities in different sections of the company. This will give you a view of the overall functioning of the company as well as the way in which the different sections work and communicate with each other. This is very useful experience which can be useful even in other areas of application outside that particular field. Running a business, either small or large, involves placing all the moving parts together for a smooth running of the system.

As job opportunities become fewer and fewer, it is now paramount for the youth these to come up with their own businesses. Having an own business provides you with an opportunity to put the skills you pick up during the internship into good use.


Having a work period in an internship position gives you access to a broad network of key industry connections. These connections can prove very useful when you need to form your own business. With access to industry veterans, you can grow your business to a whole new level. Connections also have the potential of becoming lifelong friends as you work side by side in the industry.


Having a portfolio of your relevant experience which can be easily presented to employers adds to your overall resume and gives you greater chances of landing a job. With references from the field, you will present yourself to the employer as someone who has been in the field already and has the potential to do great work.

Learning Opportunities

Going for an internship this summer will allow you to have access to a broad range of industry experts who can provide you with broad insight into possible career paths. An internship opportunity also allows you to put the skills you have picked up during college into good use. This is an opportunity to explore and put to test your current skill set and can greatly grow you career wise.

An internship provides you with the experience of a lifetime giving you key insight into the inner working of businesses. This valuable knowledge comes in handy when you decide to start your own business or set off on another path in your career.


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