Scholarships for Mothers

An article for stay at home moms who want to see what they have to offer in the workforce. A career has peaked your interest and you need a degree to participate, or if you want to discover your potential in a particular hobby; whether it be creative writing or culinary arts, a scholarship can help you achieve your goal without you having to take out a student loan. Learn about a few of the scholarships for moms like you listed in this article.

Everyone knows that more education means more pay. Businesses want people coming through their doors already trained and equipped for the job. Women seem to be more aware of that fact since there are more of them in college than men. But even when you compare a woman and man’s salary after college, males tend to make more. It’s a fact that women dedicated programs across the nation try to change. You’ll find conferences, websites, scholarships, and seminars aimed toward helping women change these realities.

You might ask why women need all this extra help? There are many studies out there that say men are more aggressive and confident when asking for raises, which no scholarship amount or program will help. There are also many women who have reached those lofty career positions, yet once pregnant, were pulled by strong maternal instincts to stay at home and care for their children. Our career potential seems to be hardwired in our DNA. Yet, if you’re a mom and have felt you’ve been neglected a chance for higher education, there are plenty of programs out there to assist you. Whether it be from a troubled past or a teen pregnancy, or you simply didn’t have the funds necessary to go to school. Don’t completely discard the notion of higher education. Listed below are a few that might interest you.


Emerge is a charitable organization dedicated to allowing women access to higher education. They require that you at least be 25 years old and typically prefer applicants from the state of Georgia. The scholarship amount is between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars and can only be used for tuition and other education related expenses. They require an essay and that you not be receiving any other financial aid. They figure the government provides enough assistance to those eligible for financial aid and instead want to help those who fall through the cracks. For example, your household could be making enough money if a spouse is working to not need financial aid, but with education being such a huge financial mountain, it’ll still put a strain on any budget which could lead to that pervasive sandtrap called debt. Not only do mothers need tuition and books, they may need to pay for childcare expenses while away at school. A two to five grand buffer zone from entering into debt while pursuing a career would surely be appreciated.

Talbots Scholarship Program

Another scholarship comes from Talbots, a women’s clothing store with locations all across the nation. They’ve been around since 1947 but have started giving scholarships to women in 1998. They have a hefty $10,000 scholarship which should definitely cover the essentials, but an even heftier $30,000 scholarship via their Nancy Talbot Scholarship Award for applicants with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. Some of the past winners have goals to improve their community like teaching high-risk youth or helping those who’ve gone through domestic violence – they tend to have an eye out for those whose hearts are in the community. Granted, not many have selfless aspirations like these, but many who’ve simply wanted a career they’re passionate about have won a 10,000 scholarship and still have gotten their dreams fulfilled. The winners also receive a sweet add-on to help with career searching – a Reinvention Resume Plus eKit which helps streamline your resume writing process.

Scholarships for Mothers who are Minorities

Along with general female scholarships, there are many directed toward women within a specific race. These primarily recognize women who belong to a minority race which can add to the disadvantages of competing in a white male dominated workforce. If you’re a mother and belong to a minority race, it certainly narrows down the competition applying for scholarships for your own race than one for women of all races. Listed below are a few you might be interested in.

Essence Scholars Program

This scholarship awards $10,000 to African American Woman enrolled at one of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) member colleges Hampton or Howard. You simply need a 3.0 GPA and be either a sophomore or junior to be eligible for this scholarship. They’ll award five per year, but with the added restrictions of eligibility (being black, a female and enrolled in one of two schools because of a smaller pool of applicants) you might have a greater chances winning.

The Asian Women In Business Scholarship Fund

According to Census Bureau data, Asian women typically earn more after college out of all the other races. They outperform Caucasian women and compete with minority males when it comes to earnings after graduation. If you’re an Asian woman with entrepreneurial ambition, the AWIB Scholarship Fund could reward you with $2,500 if you meet their criteria. Just maintain a 3.0 GPA, have at least 50% Asian in your DNA and be a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit (owning a business or fulfilling leadership roles in the community are examples), then you should have a good chance of receiving this award.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

This site is home to many Hispanic Scholarships with different criteria. They streamline your application process by giving you certain scholarships you qualify for after completing an online application. Hispanics have to deal with low graduation statistics and also high birth rates. Hispanic women generally give birth to more children than any other race group, which can definitely inhibit chances of attaining higher education. If you feel now is the right time to go to college but need funds, visiting the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s website might be your ticket.

Change the Statistics

Education is crucial if you want a higher quality of life and more room for growth. During rocky economic times, the last thing you want to do is get yourself into debt by failing to keep up with a student loan. A scholarship is free money that keeps you from paying high interest rates for years. It allows you to use that money on something else like your child’s college education. Granted, you might be able to pay off a student loan with the income you get from your new career, but why risk it? And if you’re a single mother, there are Scholarships for Single Mothers designed to help those in your situation as well.


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