Scholarships for Women

Find out about a few female scholarships available from various organizations that want to help fund your education. If you’re planning a career in the medical field, federal law enforcement or technology and can use some extra cash, learn about the requirements and award amounts to these scholarships to see if they fit your style.

There are tons of scholarships for women available in various professions in an effort to provide equity in gender in the workplace. Organizations and other groups strive to break any barriers to women working in various fields so that they won’t be under-represented in the professional world. Whether you’re pursuing a career in law enforcement or the medical field, you should be able to find tons of resources available from female organizations to assist with the high costs of higher education. Below are a few groups that offer help to women so that finances won’t be one of those barriers.

American Medical Women’s Association

This organization wishes to assist women in the medical field so they can be able to afford the high costs of tuition. They offer a few different awards with one in particular being the Medical Education Scholarship awarding four students $1,000 a year toward their educational expenses. They accept applications from Aug 1st to Sept 30th and also Dec 15th to Jan 31st. More information concerning this scholarship and other awards can be found here. The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) aims to not only assist women pursue careers in medicine, but also live healthy lives by focusing on women health issues.

W.I.F.L.E Scholarships

If you’re planning on a career in federal law enforcement, the Women in Federal Law Enforcement foundation offers a few scholarships for women to help with finances. Becoming a member of this group will make you eligible of receiving $1,500 for two academic years making it a total of $3,000. And if you’re not a member, having one who is sponsor you is fine too. This women’s scholarship started in 2008 and is usually awarded to individuals side-by-side with the president and vice president of the foundation presenting a large check to the recipient. They also offer non-member scholarships in the amount of $2,500. They have more information on their applications which can be viewed on PDF documents.

OutputLinks Scholarship Program

For women who are pursuing careers in the high-volume transaction output (HVTO) industry. This industry deals with the management of frequently changing data like bills, insurance policies, bank statements and other documents so that such information can be viewed either online or in print. The scholarship is managed by the Electronic Document Systems Foundation which manages many more scholarship programs dealing with technology. The Woman of Distinction Scholarship from Outputlinks awards $5,000 to individuals active in the HVTO industry. This award honors women from around the world who perform exemplary within their respective careers.


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