Scholarships from Fast-Food Joints

When it comes to the epidemic obesity rate in this country, we all know where to point the finger. But still, with the popularity of these companies and the success of their businesses, it’s hard to totally cut them out and sever all ties. Even if you’re a diehard vegan who’s taken a vow against fast-food, if you’re in need of a scholarship, these multiple-franchised fast-food joints are waiting and willing to lend a hand (one offers a gift card which you can either give to charity or burn in a maniacal rage, whatever fits your mood). Of course, we do all have a choice whether to eat there so it’s not totally their fault. Regardless, money for school is available as long as you don’t mind reaching your hand out to corporations (sorry Occupy Wall Street). Read on for more info.

McDonald’s Scholarship

The Ronald McDonald House Charities performs various philanthropic activities which include giving away scholarships. They offer four different scholarships for people of Asian, African and Hispanic descent and one that’s open to all people. The Ronald McDonald scholarship had its start back in 1985 and has since awarded over $44 million to students nationwide. Applications begin on November 11th and end on January 27th. Winners will be notified in the months of May and June. A few general eligibility requirements include being younger than 21, planning to enroll in a 2 or 4 year college and lives within a participating RMHC Chapter’s geographic area.

Taco Bell Scholarship

The owner of the popular Mexi-American restaurant, Glen Bell, offers a scholarship through the Glen Bell Scholarship Program to eligible employees looking for cash for school. The award amount can be as much as $2,000 and can be used toward undergraduate, graduate or vocational-technical education. Since the program started, over $1 million have been awarded to deserving college-bound team members. There are hundreds of applications submitted each year; last year, 68 were selected to receive the scholarship helping them afford school. Taco Bell also has a foundation for teens dedicated to helping them become successful working adults. The Taco Bell Foundation for Teens, with celebrity advocate Mark Wahlberg, desires to reduce the rising dropout rates occurring with teens by implementing programs and opportunities that help inspire youth to finish high school.

Wendy’s Heisman Program

This is not necessarily a scholarship, per se, but will definitely look good on future applications for other programs. If you’re a high school senior who’s maintained a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA and are actively engaged in sporting activities for your school, you’re encouraged to apply for the Wendy’s High School Heisman Program. The first 25,000 applicants receive a $10-$50 dollar Wendy’s Gift Card so applying early is recommended. They have various stages and levels with different prizes at each stage. One male and female selected from each school will receive a School Winner Certificate and a Heisman Patch (Heisman Patches are awarded at each stage).

They offer State Finalists a $25 Wendy’s Gift Card and State Winners a $50 Gift Card along with Bronze and Silver Medals respectively. Twelve National Finalist will be presented a $100 Gift Card, $2,000 for their school, an invite to Heisman Memorial Trophy Weekend and a Gold Medal. Two National Award Winners will earn a $500 Wendy’s Gift Card, recognition during ESPN’s Heisman Memorial Trophy presentation, $10,000 for their school and the Wendy’s High School Heisman Trophy. Applying for this program, even if gift cards or trophies aren’t your thing, is super easy and is a great way to build your resume that college admission officials and other scholarship programs will look favorably on.


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