Scholarships In North Carolina

If residing in the state of North Carolina or are planning to go to college there and looking for Scholarship information, check out a few of the popular ones listed in this article. Whether you’re enrolled at Duke University or deciding to be a teacher (an ample scholarship receiving program as quality teachers are in demand), having a Scholarship will help bring confidence while keeping more money in your wallet!

If you’re headed to a University in the state of North Carolina, there are plenty of Scholarships available that can help you with funding your educational expenses. It seems that every year tuitions are rising because of budget cuts and it’s been noted that college costs typical rise above inflation. Education is crucial for the success of any nation, but State Governments usually sacrifice these expenses first when the economy goes sour. It’s bad enough for In-State college costs, but especially for those coming from out of State. Either way, if you’re searching for Scholarships in North Carolina, listed below are a few from universities as well as a couple of popular ones.

A.B. Duke Scholarship

This is a Scholarship in which they select forty-five finalists who are enrolled at Duke and invite them to an interview with the Advisory Committee. They really emphasize potential and outside-the-box type of students. It is quite competitive with forty-five other contenders, but it is just an honor to be selected. If you’re good at interviews and have a pretty decent track record in high school (not the sport), then you should have a good chance. Still though it’s up to the Advisory Committee so personal opinions can trump how good your high school rap sheet looks. So really hit it home with that interview!

The North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program

This Scholarship is awarded to 500 North Carolina High School Students who are planning to teach after college. The winners are awarded $6,500 per year and have to agree they’ll teach for at least four years after graduation in a North Carolina school. There are summer programs that members of this Scholarship have to attend. These include internships and employment opportunities. The Teaching Fellows Program goes above and beyond just normal undergraduate course work. They have actual teachers who’ll serve as mentors to students; they provide field trips, seminars and conferences; and they also allow students to study abroad. They pretty much throw everything at Teaching Fellow members to get them well aquainted with a teaching career.

And although this is a great program for those seeking a career in teaching, not everyone will be able to participate with cuts in the North Carolina State Budget. This program had been phased out in the 2012-13 Fiscal Year. So high school students graduating in this time period weren’t allowed to join the program. This may not always be the case for future students, so be sure to check the website for further information.

Division of Veterans Affairs Scholarship

If you’re a natural born or adopted child of veteran who is deceased, disabled or was a POW/MIA during a wartime event, and are under the age of 25, then you’re eligible for a $4,500 per year Scholarship from the North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs. According to CNNMoney, the average tuition is at $5,836, so in most cases it’ll come a bit short of being a full-ride Scholarship, but don’t worry, there are plenty of Sweepstake Scholarships available to cover the difference.

Appalachian State University

Another popular North Carolina College is Appalachian State University. They are a favorite because of their low tuition costs and excellent education. Located near picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains many students who love the outdoors will feel at home. Most of their Scholarships top out at around $1,000, but they have a few hefty ones like the Military Science and Leadership (ROTC) one which awards $37,400 over four years. Another big Scholarship is their Judy and Steve James Scholarship for Education with award 20,000 over four years.

If you’re looking for a super Easy Scholarship from this school, it can’t get any easier than a random drawing Scholarship. The US Bank’s Internet Scholarship randomly selects forty students to win $1,000 toward their educational expenses. No need to submit SAT or GPA scores and nevermind writing that essay on how you plan on saving the world, just simply fill out a form and hope you’re one of the lucky winners.

More Scholarships in North Carolina

Of course, North Carolina has many more colleges so there are plenty of Scholarships to be found. All it takes is a little bit of research and you’ll no doubt find that Scholarship that meets your criteria. And during your College Scholarship search, don’t be dismayed if you don’t win a few. The key here is persistence.


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