Six Most Popular Marketing Scholarships

Scholarships for those interested in the field of marketing

The marketing industry is a rapidly growing field with numerous employment opportunities. But to have a job as a professional marketer or a sales worker, you need to first hone your skills in marketing through training and certification. In fact, marketing jobs have become so competitive that a bachelor’s degree is quickly becoming the minimum qualification to advance in marketing, while a master’s degree or higher is required in many job openings. Yet, with the average annual cost of earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing being $16,000, many passionate and talented students may easily be locked out of their dream marketing careers. Luckily, there are several marketing scholarships that help to make the cost of marketing degrees manageable for many aspiring students. Below are some of the most popular marketing scholarships.

Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF) Scholarships

With the vision of ensuring that education is accessible to all marketing students and professionals, the DMEF offers a number of scholarships of varying amounts (at least $3,000 each) to graduate and undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in direct and interactive marketing. Applicants are assessed on the basis of their demonstrated interests in marketing and on their academic achievements. But to be eligible, students must be permanent U.S. residents or citizens with at least 3.0 GPAs, and with proof of enrollment in accredited graduate or undergraduate schools. While there are several DEMF scholarships, each applicant is only expected to make a single application at a time. Application deadline for the scholarship is May 31 of every year.

International Foodservice Editorial Council (IFEC) Scholarships

For students who intend to apply their marketing skills and talents in the food-service industry, the IFEC scholarship is a critical way of scaling down the cost of education. The annual IFEC scholarships are financial aids of $500-$4,000 to 4-8 students pursuing marketing degrees in accredited institutions. However, to win the award, an applicant must demonstrate interest, skill, passion, training and commitment to the food-service industry. The scholarship is open to any college student who is enrolled in a master’s, bachelor’s or associate’s degree program in a marketing-related field, and the application deadline is March 15 of every year.

Degree Directory Scholarship

This is one of the most popular business degree scholarships which allows for applications from students in business marketing careers to access financial aid for the education. However, only students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in marketing, accounting majors, finance majors and business majors are eligible for this award of at least $1,000 for educational expenses. The application deadline for the scholarship is April 1, every year.

American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) Scholarship

Offered only to students pursuing marketing careers in the travel industry, the ASTA award is one of the most popular marketing scholarships for students looking forward to putting their marketing talents and skills to use. To qualify for the ASTA scholarship, applicants must be a graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in a tourism-related or travel degree program, and must demonstrate strong academic credentials. The scholarship award is $1,000-$2,000 and the application deadline is April 9 of every year.

William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship

Run by the National Association for Amateur Radio, the scholarship is offered to high-school seniors with interest in amateur radio, and who are intending to pursue careers in business-related fields like marketing. To win the massive award of $10,000 or more, an applicant must effectively demonstrate financial need, interest and skills in the business industry, and submit an application before the February 1 deadline of every year.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Scholarship

This is an award of $2,400 to any student member of the PRSSA who can demonstrate financial need and who is enrolled in a public relations career in an accredited institution. One of PRSSA’s most popular marketing scholarships is the Gary Yoshimura Scholarship which has a deadline of January 26 of every year.


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