Spring Internships

Check out a few pointers when deciding to go for spring internships. What are the benefits to interning this time of year, and what’s some good advice? Many companies that offer spring internships want individuals who are dedicated and bright so they can assess if they’re right for the position. Learn about how you can give the right first impression and the importance of connecting with experienced professionals.

The snow is melting, the air is turning a comfortable 60 degrees, and the sun is beginning to shine on your career prospects as you search for spring internships. This is a wise move. No matter what field of study you’re in, you won’t know everything you need to know about a particular industry in a classroom. You simply need to locate a business willing to take you in and give you proper training for the real world. Being cooped up in an academic setting all year can be inhibiting. Unless you’re a trust fund baby, you’re going to need to make some money for a living and that’ll require you get out and do something practical toward your major. And what better way to do that than to find a spring internship program?

Spring Internships

Being an intern presents great learning opportunities as well as an increased potential for a career. If you want to receive valuable on-the-job experience, spring internships offer this without you having to sacrifice your summer vacation. Just visit your college career center and search for spring internships so you can enjoy your summer off. It’s true that internship programs don’t always lead to a career, but making connections and building networks will surely make it easier to find one after you’ve graduated. It’s all about focus, determination and work ethic when getting out there and planning ahead for jobs.

Benefits of Interning During the School Year

Many people love to intern during the summer months because they don’t have any coursework to worry about. They can be available more than a few days a week, getting a ton of experience along the way. But interning during the school year is beneficial because competition will be low (since many will be waiting till summer), giving you more of a chance to be accepted. If you hadn’t been accepted to any Fall Internships, and you really want your summer off, applying for an internship during the spring is your best bet. You’re bound to land one the more applications you send out, so don’t be disappointed if the first few are “no go’s”.

Internship Advice

If you perform really well academically, when interning don’t let any confidence you’ve gain over the years translate into arrogance on the job. Keep in mind that respect and maintaining a friendly attitude can go a long way in helping you fit in comfortably. No one likes a know-it-all, even if you do know it all, so just keep that in mind when asked to help out with solutions or being given assignments. It’s good to gain knowledge and know how to do things by the books, but actually doing them can be a whole different ball game. Observing and noticing how the office is run is smart too. Seeing the way people interact with one another is a great way to “get to know” people without actually introducing yourself. If you see someone you like, try getting to know that person and ask if they can provide insider info on the workplace. Who knows, you might get a mentor out of it.


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