Stand and Be Heard Anthem Singing Contest

Learn a few details about the “Stand and Be Heard Anthem Singing Contest” from the FMC Corporation. If you feel you have a decent range to cover the octave and a half song, taking the time (or however long your “version” takes) to apply to this application might award you a nice college scholarship.

FMC Agricultural Products has a contest open to students ages 13-21 worth up to $10,000. To enter, students must sing the national anthem on video and submit that via an online application. Four winners will be chosen by popular vote and out of those a grand prize winner will be selected. With the Star-Spangled Banner covering an octave and a half, it is one of the most difficult songs to sing (especially in front of stadium-packed crowds). But, with such a unique scholarship opportunity, I thought it best to include it on this site. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill scholarship, and there are plenty of horror stories out there that might dissuade you from entering, but if you feel you have a voice (or have sang it before) giving this scholarship a shot might grant you a decent chunk of change. The deadline for this program is July 15.

Application Process

In order to be eligible, you must be a member of a national ag-related student organization (FFA, 4-H or student NAMA). The online application is fairly easy to complete simply requiring a quick response to the question “How does your future career involve agriculture?” plus some basic contact information. You’ll also be required to tell them which ag-related student organization you are apart of. Four finalists will win $5,000 in college scholarships with the grand prize winner receiving $10,000. All awards include an interview and their video performances featured on national television. Got the jitters yet? View a few of the recent entries so far in the contest. Remember, just give it your best shot as it’s a pretty straightforward scholarship and hope for the best.

About The FMC Corporation

The Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation distributes herbicides, pesticides and fungicides to agricultural operations worldwide. The company was founded in 1883 sporting the name “Bean Spray Pump Company” after John Bean invented the first piston pump insecticide sprayer. The FMC Corporation is also featuring their new Anthem® herbicide (pending EPA registration) along with the Stand and be Heard Anthem Sing Contest. Scholarships of this nature are great ways to attract attention to a new product or service; this Anthem Singing Contest should peak the interest of parents who have students in nationally ag-related organizations because, typically, these parents are farmers themselves. Four finalists will be chosen by September. Their performances will undergo a voting process from which a grand prize winner will be selected. They will announce that person by October 24. Good Luck!


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  1. Sophie Oliver // November 14, 2019 at 9:23 am // Reply

    I had a question about the deadline. Is it July 15 of 2019 oir July 15 of 2020

  2. It doesn’t seem they are offering this scholarship at the moment. However, you can contact them here ( for more information.

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