The AFSA Scholarship Program

Details concerning the American Fire Sprinkler Association’s ‘Second Chance’ Scholarship program. This is a real easy scholarship and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Learn about deadlines, eligibility requirements and more in this post!

The American Fire Sprinkler Association ‘Second Chance’ Scholarship is open and ready to award three individuals $1,000 scholarships who are randomly selected after completing the application. This scholarship is open to all students who are US citizens or legal residents and have either a high school diploma or GED/equivalent. This organization also runs a $2,000 High School Senior Scholarship Contest that functions much in the same way. They’re both really easy to apply for. The AFSA aims to disseminate the importance of fire sprinklers as they are proven to save lives and vastly reduce damages that result from fires. In fact, a 15-year study in Scottsdale, Arizona found that the comparison in damages between homes with and without fire sprinklers was $2,166 and $45,000 respectively! Quite a difference, eh? The deadline for this scholarship is August 22.

Application Process

The application for this program is real simple. All you’re required to do is read the “Fire Sprinkler Essay” (found in either pdf. or html) and answer a ten question quiz dealing with what you’ve read. Each correct answers qualifies as another entry into the contest. Also, because this is a “Second Chance” scholarship, you’ll be given one more try for each question you answer incorrectly at the end of your quiz. If you have a few minutes to spare and could use a good read, this scholarship should satisfy while presenting a great opportunity to win cash for school! In total, this ten question quiz could potentially earn you ten entries into this contest. And even if that wasn’t easy enough, it’s an open book quiz so no need memorizing or taking notes while reading. Funds will be made payable to a 2 or 4 year post-secondary institution accredited by the US Department of Education.

More AFSA Scholarship Programs

With the importance of automatic fire sprinklers and their effectiveness in dousing out fires, the American Fire Sprinkler Association offers a small list of state-sponsored scholarships that deal with the same issue. You can find that list here. Sadly, they only have a few state-run scholarship programs so don’t get too excited. Yet, since smoking at home poses a fire risk, you can check out the post Easy Scholarships for Non-Smokers that should help stave-off those high tuition and fees. Along with scholarships, the AFSA offers publications, conventions and exhibitions, technical services, training and more to help spread the word about automatic fire sprinklers. This organization found its inception in 1981 and currently represents 750 companies and individuals throughout the world. The test is real easy and since you get a “Second Chance” at the end to correct any wrong answers, it shouldn’t be a problem gaining ten entries into this contest. Good Luck!


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