The Bully Project Scholarship

A scholarship from that attempts to bring awareness of bullying and its effects to teens across America. Real easy to apply and offers a nice $20,000 scholarship. is offering a $20,000 scholarship to students who are active in getting the word out about bullying. All this scholarship requires is that you take an easy quiz concerning bullying (how prevalent it is in your school, what is the response of teachers, etc) via a Facebook app then share it with your friends. You’ll want to share it with as many people you can because “more shares = more money towards your education”. This scholarship is coinciding with a documentary, BULLY, that observes five students and their families and the effects bullying has over the course of a school year. There are various forms of bullying that, sadly, are widespread in our nation (cyber, physical, verbal and social) each having severe consequences on the recipient. This scholarship runs through Mar 30 – Aug 31.

Application Process

All that’s really required is a simple quiz that you can take on Facebook. They ask multiple choice questions on the nature of bullying in your school. You’ll also have a chance to add anything else you’d like to share in 160 characters or less. The survey shouldn’t take any longer than a minute to complete. Just visit the Bully Project page for more information. This organization focuses on important issues that teens have to deal with including high dropout rates, poverty, environmental issues, disease, teen pregnancy and bullying. They encourage teens across the nation to join so they can achieve their goal of 5 million members by 2015. Along with scholarships, they also honor young people 25 and under on the televised Do Something Awards which offers sizable grants to finalists. Additionally, they provide seed grants in the amount of $500 each week to those who wish to make a positive impact in their community.

Other Scholarships from

Pregnancy Text Scholarship – This scholarship is worth $2,000 and runs from May 14 to June 19. All you have to do is submit five cell phone numbers of different friends (25 years or younger) on the website or’s mobile messaging number, 38383, to enter. You’ll essentially be sending a “Phone Baby” to each of these friends so they can get a feel of the responsibility having a child requires. This is a scholarship sweepstakes that’ll award winners by random drawing.

Prom for All – This scholarship encourages students to set up drives to donate prom dresses to girls in need. Although prom may be over for many, this contest runs from April 9 to June 22 and is open to anyone 26 or younger. The scholarship will be awarded to a randomly selected individual but those who donate the most dresses and creatively advertise their drive will win a ride in a limo (hey, a limo ride is better than nothing).


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