The CollegePlus Scholarship Contest

This company offers college coaching from a Christian perspective.

The CollegePlus Scholarship Contest

CollegePlus is an education program that is designed to help students through college. People who attend CollegePlus will be enrolled in one of several four year colleges. This company works with hundreds of colleges spread across the US. Some of the premier colleges include Thomas Edison, Liberty Online, Concord, and Belhaven. People who use the CollegePlus program will get the chance to either attend the college of their choosing in person or online.

They offer students counseling, guidance, and mentoring in their college life. They show them how to navigate the college process, and they do several things to help a student have the best chance of graduating. They will also receive help in choosing a life path, making sure a student can still be flexible, and each student will receive a Christian worldview.

CollegePlus Essay Contest

One of the best ways to enroll into the CollegePlus program is to apply in their most recent scholarship contest. The three grand prize winners will receive the chance to attend a two week training summit, a chance to attend the week long national convention, or a week-long chance to stay at the CollegePlus headquarters in San Antonio. The trip to the CollegePlus headquarters comes with a plane ticket and room and board. During these trips they will receive instruction in the college plus program.

There is also an audience choice awards that will receive an iPad Mini. Everyone who enrolls in the scholarship contest will receive a seven hundred dollar voucher that is good for two months in the CollegePlus program.

The process of participating in the contest is very simple. You will simply need to fill out an application that has your basic information. CollegePlus will then send you an email that contains your essay topic. You should then create a three to five minute video essay on the topic. You should then submit your essay June 20, 2014.

You will also need to vote on an essay for audience choice award. This will require you to be able to log onto Facebook. The voting process is exceptionally easy, and you will be required to vote on one essay in order to be eligible.

There are very few participation requirements for this program. You will need to be over the age of fifteen, and be able to do coursework that is at a college level. There is no maximum age, and older persons are invited to participate.

The winners of the grand prize and audience choice prize will be announced on the 24th of June. You will receive an email telling you that you won, and it will contain instructions on how to redeem your price. People who want to use their participation award must do so by the 27th of June.


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