The CrossLites Scholarship Contest

A look at the CrossLites Scholarship Contest that offers sizable awards to those who enter. View details on the application and eligibility requirements in this post.

The scholarship offered by CrossLites has three separate categories – high school, undergraduate and graduate – that dishes out quite a bit of money.  Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 1st place: $2,000
  • 2nd place: $1,500
  • 3rd place: $1,000
  • 4th place: $750
  • 5th place: $500
  • 6th place: $250
  • 5 lottery winners: $100

Again, this is a considerable amount of cash that epitomizes the phrase “spreading the wealth.” No GPA or any other test score is required as far as eligibility is concerned. Simply be among one of the three categories (high school, undergraduate or graduate student) to be qualified to enter. The scholarship period begins in August with the winners being announced in December. Interestingly, unlike most scholarships, this program isn’t restricted to U.S. citizens. It’s also open to international students attending schools from across the globe. That’ll widen the pool of applicants and increase competition, so be sure to write a top-notch essay. The CrossLites Scholarship Contest and everything this website is about is in memory of Dr. Charles Parker, a veterinarian, who was known for his generosity and compassion for others. Along with the annual scholarship, CrossLites has performed various philanthropic activities that carry on the memory of Dr. Parker and what he believed in.

Application Process

To enter this contest you must compose “a reflective essay (400-600 words) based on one of Dr. Parker’s quotes or messages.” Your essay will be given a basic score by the judges which makes up a meager ten percent of your final score (they’ll look for originality, reflection, punctuation/grammar and content). The other ninety will depend on how many votes you receive. Additionally, you can double your chances of winning (especially for the lottery drawing) by writing a second essay which is the maximum they allow for this contest. Along with your essay, a few basic contact details are required as well as an official transcript that confirms your eligibility. The submission deadline is on Dec 15.

Gain Inspiration

Again, writing a knock-out essay will garner you the most votes so be sure to take a look at past entries to get a feel for what does well. They have last years winning essays available to view online so that you can gain a bit of inspiration, but the important thing is to be original and reflective as they desire a truly unique response from each submission. Beyond that, just give it your best shot and submit as early as you can so that you can accumulate as many votes as possible.


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