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The Engineering essay scholarship is an annual contest sponsored by the EngineerGirl website and the National Academy of Engineering. The main aim of the contest is to help create awareness on the role played by engineers in our day to day lives and how their work ends up impacting positively to the world. Thus, if you are an aspiring engineering or a student who appreciates the role played by engineering in your everyday life, this contest is specially designed for you.

About the 2015 EngineerGirl Contest:

This year’s contest is primarily focusing on the way engineers shape the way we play. As such, the applicant will be required to discuss the various ways through which sports relies on engineering. This may include but shouldn’t be limited to the technologies adopted in training, playing and scoring during a particular sport. One may also go further to discuss the technology behind the manufacture of the sporting uniforms or the use of biosensors and high speed cameras that make it easier for sports fans to experience the game.

Thus, you will be required to choose just one technology that is being used in a sport that you enjoy the most. Then, you will have to discuss how different engineers contributed towards the manufacturing and designing of that sport. The key things that you’ll have to address in your essay contest include:

The kind of problem(s) engineers were trying to solve when designing a particular sport-related technology

The constraints faced by the engineers while trying to solve the problem

Why the engineers settled for the a particular design and not another

The design process

Aspects of the design that ought to be improved on in the future

Role to be played by different engineers in coming up with a better design


The EngineerGirl essay scholarship is open to both girls and boys of between the ages of 8 and 18 and is divided into three categories:

Grade 9-12 (Ages 15 to 18): The essay should be between 1,000 and 1,500 words

Grade 6-8 (Ages 12 to 14): The essay should be between 600 and 1,100 words

Grade 3-5 (Ages 8 to 11): The essay should be between 400 and 700 words


Winners of the EngineerGirl essay scholarship will get an honorary mention at the EngineerGirl website and will further have their entries published on the same website. In addition to this, they will be awarded various prizes:

· $500 for the first place winners

· $250 for the second place winners

· $100 for the third place winners

Contest Requirements and Judging Criteria:

All essays will be judged on the basis of their originality, research, content and expression.

Each contestant should submit one essay and under only one category.

The essay should also be 100 percent original and shouldn’t have been published elsewhere. All of its resources should be clearly cited.

Although a previous winner is free to re-enter the contest, the category under which they make a submission should be different.

Submitting an entry automatically grants the National Academy of Engineering the right to publish one’s work in part or in full on the EngineerGirl website.

All entries should be submitted via the EngineerGirl online submission form before 1st March 2015 at 6.00pm EST.


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