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The cost of college education is sharply on the rise in the United States. In fact, the cost of education is increasing at a quicker rate than the rate of inflation. This means that many passionate, talented and bright students are often locked out of their dreams careers because they cannot afford tuition and other college related expenses. Fortunately, such students can count on the HotelsCheap Scholarship Program to complete their education. HotelsCheap is a market leading provider of top class hotel accommodations across the globe through its official website The company offers attractive discount reservation services to the world’s top destinations, such as Las Vegas, Orlando and New York City. Apart from just offering unmatched hotel accommodation products through the internet and at the lowest rates, HotelsCheap is also committed to helping college students to achieve their dreams through college scholarship awards. Two deadlines for this scholarship are April 15 and October 15.

At the heart of the company’s college scholarships is the belief that when needy students are able to access funding for their college education, they can better themselves, earn invaluable skills and compete at the same level with the rest of the world. The company also believes that a college degree has tremendous value and can turnaround the lives of college graduates. Moreover, HotelsCheap understands the difficulties that come with funding college education and empathizes with many students who cannot pursue their career dreams because of inadequate of lack of funds. Therefore, the HotelsCheap scholarships are need-based awards for helping deserving and very needy students to achieve their career goals and dreams, and are offered only to students who are fully committed to attaining college degrees.

HotelsCheap is a scholarship award of $1,500 to a student who demonstrates need for funding. Usually, to apply for the company’s scholarship, a student must respond to four open-ended, personal and thought-provoking questions. It is through the responses to the questions that the neediest student is identified. Typically, the student whose responses are more compelling, persuasive and well-written is deemed by the company’s executive management team to be worth consideration, and is usually named among the finalists. Then, from among the finalists the winners are chosen and given the funds for their college education.

Moreover, students are only eligible for the HotelsCheap scholarship program if they are US citizens (residents) who are aged 16 years and above, and who are enrolled in high school or are enrolled in undergraduate, adult-learning and master’s degree education in accredited institutions. The application deadline for the scholarship is April 15th of every year. For more information on the scholarship, visit, or you can visit to submit your application.


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