The IP Video Contest

The IP Video Contest scholarship is administered by the non-profit organization; Intellect Property Owners (IPO) Education Foundation to US residents of age 13 and older. The organization is devoted to providing educational and charitable rewards geared towards strengthening the intellectual property rights. The contest is divided into two sub-age categories; two winners in the 13-to-15 and 16-to-18 year age bracket and one winner in the 19 years or older category. Entrants should be enrolled as full-time students in an accredited high school, college or trade school; students enrolled in home schools also qualify to participate.

The entry forms for this scholarship fund are found online at Entrants are required to submit their original video entries answering one of the shortlisted questions regarding the importance of the patent system. To enter the contest, participants must access the contest website and complete an official online entry form and submit it alongside the attached entry video during the competition period.

The important forms include; the Assignment of Copyright form and the Talent Release form(s). Entries for this year’s contest have to be submitted not later than July 1, 2014 at 11:59 pm Eastern. The entry is limited to one person per entry; once an entry has been made, it becomes a property of IPO Education Foundation. The voting process will be open to members of the public starting from August 1, 2014 to August 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern. Qualified finalist in each age categories are notified through an online listing on the official contest website, and also through the Foundations Facebook fan page and the contest’s YouTube profile.

Voting is limited to one person (one vote) per email, in case there is a tie in the voting process, the tied videos are judged by a special panel of professional judges. The IPO Education Foundation Board of Directors is sanctioned to choose one winner among the two lower age competition categories. The winners of the age 19 and above category are chosen via the public voting system. All winners are notified not later than August 31, 2014 via an email notification.

Winners under the 13-to-15 year old category each get a cash prize amounting to $5,000, while the winners in the 16-to-18 year old category receive a scholarship worth $5,000. This scholarship is payable in form of check to the contestants enrolled college, university or trade school. On the other hand, the winner of the age 19 and older category receives a cash prize amounting to $5,000. Aside from the scholarship and cash prizes, the IPO Education Foundation reserves the right to award winners with a fully paid trip for two to the awards dinners at the Foundations offices in Washington, DC; on December 9, 2014.


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