The Journey Scholarship Program

Learn about the Journey Scholarship Program from the Manna Foundation if you could use extra funds for school! Deadlines, award amounts and eligibility requirements can all be found here!

The Journey Scholarship Program offers a monthly award to eligible students worth $1,000. This program is sponsored by the Manna Foundation and is an effort to provide adequate funding to deserving students in the United States. The Manna Foundation primarily focuses on outreach to the needy (mainly Thailand); they’re a 501(c)3 organization that assists the poor, homeless, abused and hungry by building shelters, providing food and other helpful outreach activities. The scholarship is open to all legal residents who are currently in high school, are undergrads or graduate students attending an institution in the United States. The deadline for this scholarship varies but on the 15th of every month a student will be selected and notified that they’ve won either by phone or email.

Application Process

Requirements for the application (beyond being a legal resident) include having maintained a 2.5 GPA as a college or high school student. The online application asks for a few basic contact details and requires an essay that explains your life’s journey with an emphasis on any volunteer or community service work you’ve been involved with. This is a monthly scholarship program so applying each month is encouraged. Also, if selected to receive the scholarship, the funds are to be used strictly for college related expenses (textbooks, lab materials, room and board, etc). A selection committee will view the essays and choose the best one worthy of a $1,000 award. Since this scholarship is fairly easy, it’s important that the quality of the essay stand-out from among other entries if you want to win. Be sure to ask any questions you may have regarding the program by emailing them at

About the Manna Foundation

The Manna Foundation, itself, primarily focuses on the needy in Thailand. Some of the activities they perform include feeding the hungry, providing shelter for the homeless and supporting and caring for those infected with HIV/AIDS. They’ve began various projects that have helped improve the living conditions of people, mainly orphans, living in Thailand. Some of the projects include the Mae Ka Chan Project which renovated a school into a more suitable environment addressing issues with overcrowding and safety among other things; the Mae Ra Mat Project, the building of a brand new hostel where Hill tribe children can live and learn; and the Me Teng Fish Farm Project which ultimately increased the output of fish so area orphanages would have food. All proceeds for this scholarship come from the Manna Foundation.


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