The MoolahSPOT $1,000 Scholarship

Easy scholarships can sometimes be difficult to come by, but every once in awhile you get lucky. The MoolahSPOT scholarship program is super easy and is open almost to any individual who needs cash.

MoolahSPOT (moolah = money; spot = to discover) is offering an easy $1,000 scholarship to anyone sixteen or over attending or planning to attend a college or graduate school. This is quite the find as there are virtually no restrictions other than the minimal age limit required for this scholarship. Anyone from any country can apply to this program; financial need, GPA or standardized test scores are not factored into the selection process and it’s open to those pursuing any career field at any college or university. This site asserts itself as being a place where people can find free money, so whether you’re a non-traditional student (working adult, parent, etc) or fresh out of high school, MoolahSPOT is willing to pay a portion of your tuition and fees if you complete the application. The deadline for this scholarship is August 31 2012.

Application Process

The application is real easy and is entirely online. However, they do warn that since the website is in beta, there may be a few bugs here and there. Either way, this shouldn’t take too long to complete. The bulk of the application requires a 400 word essay choosing one of four questions: 1) Why do you deserve to win this scholarship?; 2) What is your academic or career goal?; 3) Describe what is most important to you and why; 4) Any topic of your choice. Easy open-ended questions that you can complete using the form provided. They even note that re-using an essay you’ve written in class is fine. After you’ve completed the application you can head over to their scholarship search and find more programs to apply to. And even though there are hardly any requirements for this scholarship, they ask that you write the essay in English.

Scholarship Hunting Advice

This scholarship is fairly easy but may have a lot of entries from now till August 31 so competitiveness might be an issue. This is why, as you probably have figured out, it’s important to locate as many scholarship programs as you can to increase your chances of winning something for school. MoolahSPOT has a forum where you and discuss and share information with other people in your situation. In addition to scholarship search engines, participating in forums from sites like MoolahSPOT might end up being a nice resource for you to use on your scholarship hunt as you never know what info you may find on a forum. This summer you’ll have a lot of time to find and apply for scholarships, so use it wisely and, if persistent, you’ll eventually win cash for school. Additionally, you can always subscribe to the Easy Scholarships Now email list so that you can receive scholarship info in your inbox.


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