The Search Scholarship from Mvestor Media

An overview of a scholarship from Mvestor Media. Learn about eligibility requirements, deadlines and award amounts!, a web design and inbound marketing firm, is offering an easy $500 scholarship to full time High School, College, Trade School and 2-Year College students between the ages of 15 and 24 with their Search Scholarship of Las Vegas program. Don’t be dismayed by the title of this scholarship, it’s not restricted to students in the renowned gambling capital of America. This is a general scholarship open to any eligible US citizen willing to fill out a simple online application and give the best response to the question: “Explain how internet search has become an integral part of your education or how it has changed the way you operate or find information for your education, assignments, or major educational projects” in 5000 characters or less. The deadline is December 15.

Application Process

The online scholarship application only requires a few contact details and some information about the school you attend. Since Mvestor Media is an SEO company, the scholarship is heavily focused on the benefits of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The essay question asks you to explain how using popular search engines has helped you as you’ve progressed in your educational career. We all know that research is primarily done on the internet (or at least is the first place we run too) with its wealth of information. But since it’s such a basic component to how we discover new things, it’s easy to take major search engines for granted (who needs microfiche when you have Google? Giving adequate insight on how internet search has assisted you in an original and compelling manner should help propel you in earning this scholarship.

About Mvestor Media

This company specializes in local SEO, website design and development, organic SEO and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Based in Las Vegas, Mvestor Media aids other businesses and organizations in ranking higher in the search engines through various methods. They perform helpful tasks like keyword research, off and on-site optimization, they research and analyize competitor efforts and increase link popularity to a given site. All this is designed to help a client rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP) because the higher you rank the more traffic you gain which ultimately increases sales volume. It’s a very effective business strategy. Not sure if this is an annual scholarship program, so be sure to get your essay in before the deadline.


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