The Streamline Refinance Scholarship for Finance & Economics

Details on the Streamline Refinance Scholarship for Finance & Economics program. A fairly easy scholarship to get into if you’re are eligible. Find out what’s required!

If you’re a student enrolled and pursuing advanced education in the fields of finance, economics or investment, then you’re encouraged to enter the Streamline Refinance Scholarship for Finance & Economics worth $1,000. All you need to do is compose an essay (500-1000 words) explaining what you “hope to accomplish during [your] career in the finance, economics, or investment fields.” Careers in finance are often very lucrative and sometimes a tad ostentatious (according to, the average salary of an investment banker in 2011 was around $100,000 to $130,000). Pursuing a degree in these fields can lead to a very desired quality of life, so as you might expect,¬†makes finance a highly sought after career field. The deadline for this scholarship is December 15.

Application Process

The application can be downloaded by visiting the website. This program is open to anyone 17 years or older receiving education in a finance, economics or investment related field at an accredited institution, undergraduate or graduate program. They require that you provide proof of your enrollment in such programs before they can offer you the scholarship. Also, you must have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA for the previous year to be eligible. When answering the essay question, be sure to give a compelling reason why you feel you deserve this scholarship. They are currently accepting entries before the deadline of December 15 so you have sufficient time to get a first-rate essay. Once finished with your application, send the information to


Simply put, this company assists individuals in refinancing their home loans. With the economic downturn we’ve just experienced in the housing market, foreclosures were popping up left and right. This was mainly due to the subprime mortgage crises (loans made to individuals who weren’t exactly able to pay in a timely manner) which, although generous to people needing homes, ended up being a disastrous situation. Defaults and delinquencies on loans that weren’t backed by any securities occurred which resulted in the so-called Great Recession. Purchasing a house for most is the biggest investment anyone will make in a lifetime yet you still want a reasonable price. For those who feel interest rates are a tad too high, Streamline Refinance offers various refinancing options, VA Streamline Refinance (for veterans) and FHA Streamline Refinance (for those with Federal Housing Administration insured loan) that can help you avoid any unpleasant news from a bank (e.g. foreclosure notice). As far as the scholarship program is concerned, be sure to submit a top-notch essay as they will only award one scholarship per year. Good Luck!


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