Theater Scholarships

Scholarships for those interested in theater

Theater Scholarships

The world of theater is fascinating and diverse. Today there are many amazing theater programs around the country and today you can find theater scholarships that are good for studies at many of the top schools around. Some of these scholarships are good for people who are studying at particular schools as well as scholarships for those who are looking for specific positions in the theater world so be sure to look around with care when finding good scholarships.

Princess Grace Awards

The Princess Grace Awards have been given out to theater students for more than thirty years. These are for students who are interested in directing, acting, costume design and many technical aspects relating to the theater world. The deadline for a majority of the awards is April 30 and many of these will come with values as high as $5,000 each.

Hope College Distinguished Artist Awards

Hope College is looking to help students attend their school by offering $2,500 scholarships every year. These schools are for students looking to attend Hope College and entail essays, portfolios of performances and many other points to determine who will be eligible for the best scholarships. The deadline for most of these awards is February 15 although the deadlines will vary based on the field of theater that one wants to head into.

Rose Brand Scholarship

Those who are looking to enter into the technical field of theater, including those in the fields of artwork, lighting, sound, costume design and many other features, can apply for the Rose Brand Scholarship. The deadline is March 30 and people can get up to $1,000 to study their fields in college. A proper portfolio of one’s work is typically required in order to get the best consideration for the award.

Archibald Rutledge Scholarship For the Arts

Some scholarships are also for people who live in specific parts of the country. The Rutledge scholarship is one such example of an award that is available for students to utilize. The Rutledge scholarship is for students looking to study theater in South Carolina. It is good for up to $2,000 with the deadline being on February 7.

Florence Marro Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

The Gallagher scholarship is for students looking to attend the Department of Theater Arts at Ithaca College and is for $1,500. This is good for students who are interested in the fields of theater and production arts.

John L. Dales Scholarship

The Dales scholarship has been in operation for more than forty years and helps students to attend college in the arts. Supported by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, this is good for $1,000 or more for covering the cost of an education although the total cost will vary based on where one goes. The deadline for this popular scholarship program is March 15 on every year.

American Theatre Organ Society Scholarship Program

Some theater scholarships are for especially specific fields of theater. The ATOS particularly has a scholarship for organ performance students. A $1,000 scholarship is available for a student who qualifies but the deadline for getting into the program is April 15.

All of these offers are great for theater students to explore. These will include varying amounts that are important for all students to take a look at.


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