Three Video Scholarships

Video Scholarships

Video scholarships offer a break from applying to a ton of programs that require essays. If film-making is a passion of yours and you’d like to use that skill to win some funds for school, check out the video scholarships listed below.

Creative Halloween Video Scholarship for the Kid at Heart

From the same company that hosts numerous scholarship contests of various amounts and differing guidelines, this particular scholarship opportunity is worth $500.00 and requires the entrants to record a simple, six second Vine video. The video submission rules include adding a #ScholarshipWHC to the tagline of the uploaded Vine video, sharing the video, adding the link to their scholarship page, and emailing the link to their email address. As far as general requirements go, this is considered one of the easiest scholarships to enter.

Eligibility for this scholarship requires that the entrant be already enrolled in an accredited two to four year college within the US, a legal resident of the US, and that the email sent with the submission must include such identifying information as their full legal name, Vine name, working phone number, home address, GPA and school name, date of birth, and their parents name if they’re underage. Submissions should be in by April, 30th, 2014. Only one entry per person.

Win a Teen Scholarship by Promoting Safe Driving

Safe driving is such a huge issue in our nation that Bridgestone, in an effort to bring awareness of this issue to young drivers, is offering a very generous scholarship to students who can create the best video . The amount to be won, by entering and winning this video contest, is a $25,000 scholarship for first place, a $15,000 scholarship for second place, and a $10,000 scholarship for third place winners. This contest is held every year and the winning videos have the chance to be aired nationwide on television. Also, since it is a scholarship contest themed around safe driving, the top 10 video creators also receive a set of Firestone or Bridgestone tires.

Since video scholarships generally have a theme surrounding their entries, there are certain guidelines to entering that should be based around safe driving as the key message. The video entry must portray the message clearly, help motivate people to be more conscious of their driving, and it should also be creative and as unique as possible, in order to stand out from the rest. The deadline for videos accepted online is April, 16th through June, 20th. June, 20th through July, 5th will be the period of Bridgestone judging. Only those who are enrolled in an accredited two to four year college will be eligible.

Describe How a Mentor Has Affected You Positively

This scholarship requires the aspiring filmmaker to create a short video describing how a mentor has left a positive impact on their life. The grand prize is $1,000.00 and all who are eligible can enter. Eligibility for entree includes high school seniors, graduate, and undergraduate students. This contest is also open to international students. The online application must be filled out and turned in by July, 31st, 2014. Up to 3 videos may be uploaded per person, the video should be as short as one to three minutes in length, and videos should be uploaded to the user’s profile on the linked site.

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