Tips on Easy Scholarships and Personal Finance in College

When on the quest for easy scholarships, don’t stress if things don’t seem to be going your way. You may not win every program out there but if you stay persistent and learn from your mistakes, you’re sure to bag a plentiful easy scholarship for college. It’s just all a matter of getting out there and engaging yourself. The important thing is that you have your eyes set on your financial situation which is necessary if you want to graduate debt-free. Money is a huge deal in college because if you learn to spend it wisely now you’ll thank yourself later. Being on the lookout for student discounts, coupons and sales will help you stay above water financially as the cost of classes and textbooks continues to rise.

College is a great place to learn about personal finance and learning how to stretch your money so that you can live comfortably without falling into debt. Budgeting software is available and can help prepare you for the real world when you’re out on your own. You Need A Budget (YNAB) offers a great opportunity for those wishing to take more control over their finances in a simple and convenient way. Budgeting doesn’t have to be time-consuming with checks and bills strewn across the kitchen table. YNAB was awarded in Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Personal Finance Software for Windows in 2011. AceMoney, Quicken, Moneydance and SplashMoney were the runner ups. It sports an attractive interface that allows you to seamlessly add all your checking and savings accounts in one convenient place. As long as you stay up-to-date you’ll always know how much you have in each account.

Easy Scholarships Are Still the Best Way to Go

However, focusing on finding easy scholarships will surely help with your personal finance goals. As you might’ve guessed, this site is stock full of easy scholarships that you can apply for. No matter what kind of student you are or where you live in the United States, the easy scholarships listed on this site will be general (non-state specific) and will of course be easy to obtain. Ideally, when searching for funds to pay for your education, you want to stay away from loans and focus on bagging a few easy scholarships. Simply prioritize, set a routine and never give up and you’re are sure to hit the jackpot!

Also, one of the biggest reasons people search for easy scholarships is because their GPA doesn’t exactly qualify them for the highly-competitive traditional scholarships. However, there’s a nice list of low GPA scholarships available on this site for those in need of cash. These can range from programs that cater to those in financial need or can simply be merit-based.

Personal Finance Advice

Whatever your situation, making sure there’s a steady inflow of cash and keeping the outflow is minimal as possible is difficult but wise when it comes to personal finance. It’s a good idea to itemize what you spend, know how much money you spend in a month and compare that to how much cash you take in. And of course, if you happen to win a few easy scholarships then that’ll give you some breathing room in how much discretionary income you have. One last thing, since the month of October is coming up, be sure to check the list of Easy Scholarships with October Deadlines to help improve your bottom-line.


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