Tips on Finding Easy Scholarships to Apply For

Apart from this site, easy scholarships are definitely out there for the taking. New ones pop up all the time offering great awards for college and college-bound students nationwide. But alas, this site offers you a constantly updated list of easy scholarships with various categories and, as always, provides a blog you can subscribe to with info on easy to apply for scholarships as well as other college financial tips and trends. It’s all about being resourceful and streamlining the amount of information out there as best as possible.

A few easy scholarships to apply for

If you’re graduating high school this year, let me be the first to congratulate you ( or first blog post, at least). It’s a time-honored tradition that after you graduate, the excitement of going to college prompts you to step-up that scholarship search during the summer. In these months, you can surely get a lot done in the way of preparing for higher education financially. You know that college is definitely a fun and exciting experience to have, but also that it can be quite pricey. Luckily, there are plenty of sites out there that’ll help you to find super easy scholarships that are definitely worth some attention during summer vacation. Here are just a few:

  • – This site offers a small, but still easy, $250 Lucky Draw Scholarship each month. Simply provide your suggestion on how they can improve their site and you’ll be entered for a chance to win.
  • – Awards students easy scholarships based on how active they are on the site. Earn points by engaging with other members and have a chance to win their weekly scholarship.
  • – If not big on writing, CollegeProwler provides a $2,000 No Essay Scholarship each month where all you have to do is apply. Along with your quest in finding traditional scholarships, checking back to this site every month will give you a greater chance of winning cash for school.

Now when it comes to easy scholarships, the last thing that’ll come to mind is the word “competition”. But because these scholarships are so easy, they’ll attract a large crowd of people lessening your chances of winning. If you come across a low GPA scholarship that only requires a 250 word essay, don’t think you can just write down the first thing that pops into your head and think you’re done. You’ll still want to do some research. It’s a good idea to check past winners and see how their winning essays read so you know how high to set your standards. Unless you’ve found a scholarship sweepstakes where winners are randomly selected, if there’s some work involved, you’ll want to try your best and, hopefully, outperform the other applicants so you can walk away with the scholarship. You can do this by providing more information in your essay (as much as a 250 word essay will allow) and exemplifying great writing techniques (grab a thesaurus if you have to!).

Setting goals

All in all, easy scholarships are out there for those willing to search. Just stay persistent and positive. If you’ve graduated this year, it’ll be a good idea to set goals this summer, maybe a minimum amount of scholarships you want to win, and just keep pressing till you’ve reached that objective. Setting and accomplishing goals will further encourage you to reach higher and will certainly improve your financial situation in college. It’s important that you not be disappointed if you lose your first few scholarships either. Just make sure you save all the essays you’ve written so that you can use them later and, if possible, take a look at the winning entry to compare yours with theirs, noting any differences. Otherwise, have fun and good luck!


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